Saturday, December 13, 2008

Make Money By Posting

I was amazed about the news from the television "24 oras" channel 7 (Philippine Television) about blogging. The tv network featured some Filipino bloggers and bloggers around the world that their blogs earning dollars from advertisers . Through I was curious about it and became interested to learn to operate a computer. I can't deny that i am almost 50 years old , nurse working before abroad and now a stay at home mom. During my elementary, high school and college, we never had computer or experienced to use or learn any computer in the school maybe because that was not yet a computer age . Just after the television program i ask my kids who are first year and second year college to teach me how to to operate and how to create a blog. It was not easy for me to learn everything all at the same time. But through my determination i able to made it. I am eight months blogging already . I am enjoying very much now. I have already friends in blogging . I became blog addict and there is no single day that i will not face the computer and blog. I visits , comments and reads others blog. I found them that they advertise on blogs at the same time. I learned a lot from them. It is a nice idea to advertise on blogs because it is much cheaper than in television or billboards. People now are usually depending online information regarding the products they need and they can read the details of specific products from blogs. Through the capability of the bloggers to create marketability and clients, advertisers offers task to bloggers to get paid to post and promote about the products or services of a certain company . To make the business boom... sign up for your account at where bloggers and advertisers agreed together.
Well! this is the new layout of payingpost. Good thing is they keep on upgrading!
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faye said...

parang napanood ko din yung topic about blogging sa balitang k..dati pa..Gud for u nanaybelen to learn tru ur kids about computer now chicken na lng!

thanks po for comments
yung picture ko nung hs nasa video ng kasal namin i tried my best to take a copy for it tru digital cam..di na nga clear but i produce a copy hehe
gbu po keep blogging!