Wednesday, November 23, 2011


improved page views

As i used to do upon getting up in the morning is to sit directly infront of my computer while sipping my cup of coffee. First thing is check my e- mails then the rest sites that i wish to search. What a good news!! the traffic report for this blog "when mom talks.. no more problem"improved at least around 34 page views and 30 visits for this week. This is the first time since i was not able to update regularly. I have four blogs and only one has been updated and the rest was ignored for almost 3 years now. I am now busy for my store and my children and can't find a way to give time for all of them. But this traffic report encouraged me to update regularly, i do hope i can..

              when Mom talks, no more problem.                                     (s44mothercares)                                            -- Site Summary ---                                Visits              Total ........................ 7,810                         Average per Day .................. 4                         Average Visit Length .......... 2:05                         This Week ....................... 30                        Page Views              Total ....................... 11,079                         Average per Day .................. 5                         Average per Visit .............. 1.1                         This Week ....................... 34           
              when Mom talks, no more problem.                                     (s44mothercares)                                            -- Site Summary ---                                Visits              Total ........................ 7,731                         Average per Day .................. 1                         Average Visit Length .......... 0:00                         This Week ........................ 9                        Page Views              Total ....................... 10,750                         Average per Day .................. 1                         Average per Visit .............. 1.0                         This Week ........................ 9  

Monday, November 14, 2011


Manny Pacquiao versus Juan Marquez

The most awaited fight of Manny Pacquaio against Juan Marquez of Mexico is over yesterday. Actually, not only Pilipinos or people of Mexico was excited to watch this fight but all over the world. Thousands of individuals from different countries around the globe crossed country to Las Vegas USA just to watch the fight personally.

Its over! its over! but who's really the real winner? Judges proclaimed Manny Pacquiao is the winner but many people are unhappy of the decision.


Casino with no deposit bonus

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Friday, August 26, 2011


Decorative home lighting fixtures

Hello friends out there! Hope those stay at home moms and working moms as well are always fine at their own home. One thing that a mother always feels relaxed, inspired and never feels bored at home despite of heavy stress within our hearts sometimes because of the brightness of the home. Yes friends, our home is very comfortable to stay with if we put some decorative light fixtures. Decorative light fixtures does not only provide light and beautifies the home but it helps also the home owners to lighten her/him emotionally specially if they are in the state of having problems or under stress. Beautiful home because of these decorative indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures is also an achievement that you can be proud of. You can buy lighting fixtures from the internet, a site featuring different designs includes ceiling lights, hanging lights, landscape lightnings or post lighting.

Kitchen is also the part of the home where mostly mother works. Usually the mother is the one who prepares food for the family. One way to inspire her to cook food if the kitchen lightens with a beautiful artistic pendant lights. I am right?
And...don't forget the bathroom. It also need a bathroom vanity lighting. This makes you feel comfortable to use it if furnished with beautiful lighting.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dengue Fever Prevention at Home

There is an out break of Dengue Fever here in the Philippines. Over 62,000 reported and monitored cases all over the country since January 2011 up to the present. Children are afflicted most who are residing in flooded areas of Metro Manila and from provinces of Ilocos Sur, La Union , Cagayan, Isabela and some part of Mindanao and Visayas.

This is cause by a mosquito bites with aeges aegypti virus. It seems that there is a massive and contineous growth of mosquito killer now a days . Mosquitos loves to live in moist areas and stagnant water. As a mother at home and other members can do a thing to prevent or lessen the growth of mosquito killer. Just maintain cleanliness at home. Avoid stagnant water in and out of the house. Flower vases, plant plates and accumulation rain water unattended are the favorite places of mosquitoes to breed if do not change its water and clean everyday. Observe closely your children id they start fever. Increase fluid intake, bed rest and bring to doctor for check up or hospital for medical attention.
Prevention is better then cure.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Humba Recipe

I used to be alone at home during daytime except Saturday and Sunday. My two kids are already working. They leave the house 8:00AM and they come home early evening from Monday to Friday. This Saturday, i cooked humba recipe ( Braised pork belly) for our Lunch together.

Humba Filipino recipe is easy to cook . It is just like Pork Adobo. What's the difference is adding brown sugar with the vinegar. This was my actual ingredients:
3/4 kilo pork belly
chopped garlic (4 gloves)
1 cup water
!/2 cup vinegar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup soy sauce
salt to taste, pepper corn and laurel
Put together in a pan and bring to boil until tender and saucy.
You can add potato or boiled egg if you wish.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Bad Credit Loans

Loan is a debt and if a bank loan , it is the bank lends money to the borrower. Speaking of borrowing money in the bank, there is the myth that it is not easy. During the older time, the bank has so many requirements to comply by the borrower plus they conduct an investigation of your personal asset, business or present job. That is just that they are very sure that you can pay them back on proper time the money without delays.
These time is really very easy specially that we have now an advanced technology, just infront of our computer borrowers can just apply online conveniently in the comfort of their home , office or wherever he/she maybe.
Life is very complicated now adays, it is really hard to budget. Often times we spend more than how much we earned and can't really avoid it due to unending expenses everyday. Usually the reason why people having bad credit loans because for monthly bills, house rental, house improvements, home loan as well, education of their children, travel expenses, medical expenses, start up business or increase business capital and many more purposes. That is the reason why people has nothing to do than to borrow money until they realize that they have already a huge debt and failed to pay already. Unable to pay your debts is called bad credit loan. If a person who have a history of bad credit loan may hesitate to borrow again thought that he is not anymore qualified . It's not true because Bad Credit Loan Company is entertaining everyone for payday loans anytime. They will help you to work of your bad credit history. They are willing to help people who are in need of money fast. They accepts payday loan application online and approval is fast as ten to thirty minutes after completing the application form.
Hurry up! apply online now!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Condo Unit for Rent/ Sale Mandaluyong Philippines

FOR RENT: condo residential unit
(1 bedroom type) . 29 square meter.
10,000 Philippine Peso/ month if unfurnished
15,000Philippine Peso/ month if semi furnished

Contact 09279786771 or email nanaybelen@gmail. com

You can also contact me if you are interested to purchased one of their units.
CITYLAND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, the Leading Condominium Developer National Awardee, proudly announces the launching of another project that is conveniently located at Mandaluyong Executive Subdivision, G. Enriquez Street, Brgy. Vergara, Mandaluyong City.

Only minutes away from Makati City, MEM III offers commercial and residential units in studio, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom type at affordable prices in easy installment terms of up to ten (10) years. Everything is just within reach like shopping malls (Rockwell, SM Megamall, The Podium, Shangrila Plaza, Puregold, Market Place, Robinson's Pioneer, Edsa Central, Star Mall), schools, hotels and restaurants, banks, hospitals, churches. Common building features and amenities are provided for your convenience. An investment that affords you the best location at the right price.


Common Children's Play Area
Viewing Deck
Information Counter
Administration Office
Common Basketball Court
24-Hour Association Security
2 Elevators
Refuse Chute
AFSS / Fire Alarm System
Emergency Power Back-Up System For Common Area
CCTV at The Lobby
Cable TV Provision / MATV
Sewage Treatment Plant
Individual Mailbox
Car Ramp Signalling System
Underground & Elevated Water Tank


Thursday, February 10, 2011


Elegant outdoor lighting Fixtures

Hi friends. At last! i got the key of my new condo unit. It's been a year waiting to be turned over. The condominium building was still constructing when i start to pay for one unit. They were offering a big discount and i grabbed the opportunity. Anyway i am not in a hurry to move in because we have already our own house. However when the condo developer announced that units are now ready to turn over to us anytime. I got really excited specially when i got the key already. We have already a family house but i purchased this condo unit for future purposes and investment. This condo unit is not fully furnished so we are responsible for the furniture like dining sets, living room sets, bedroom sets, kitchen appliance including its home lightning. I need to start to shop for home lightning as soon as possible. The lighting should be the first to shop because home lighting plays a vital role in our lives. It is something that we can not do when there is no lighting inside or outside our home. It is one of the most important aspect that we have to consider when it comes to decorating a home. Once i shop for condo unit lighting , i will include the outdoor lighting for our vintage home where we are staying for so many years now. I need to improve the lighting of our terrace with outdoor lighting fixtures . I found a site in the internet, it features different designs of outdoor lighting fixtures including exterior ceiling lights. I am sure you will love their amazing outdoor lighting fixtures and all looks elegant. It beautifies the outside of a home. You will also find a beautiful outdoor wall sconces and huge designs are there to choose from.