Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Simple Christmas Celebration but lovely and white

Christmas Celebration is over but i hope the spirit of Christmas is always around everyday. Yapp! we had a wonderful time and the food we really wanted for that day. It was only dinuguan with puto from Goldilocks and the choco Fudge Cake from Red Ribbon. That choco Flavor is the choice of my kids. I think that is the Christmas Flavor by Red Ribbon. I also made potato salad and buco salad. Potato salad was requested by my daughter and the buko salad was my sons's request. Foe me, i like both LOL. Importantly we have been having a lovely white Christmas.
I am so happy also that i was able to buy and give the shoes of two girls (my neighbors) as i have promised to them. I saw in their eyes they were delighted. Thank you Lord. You 've been so good to us.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Gift giving

It is four days more for Christmas . My gift for my kids is already ready. It is already wrapped and put under my Christmas tree. I felt happy and touched also because my kids also had their gift for me. Our gifts are wrapped and ready for gift giving on the Christmas Eve( 24th of December) but keep secret what's inside.
I have chosen 2 kids (parents separated and just living with their grandmother who is also separated with her husband. They are one of my neighbor) I asked this grade one girl what gifts she want. She said I want school shoes because my shoes is already rotten. I was expecting that she will tell me something which is a toy but it took a one minute to think before she said a school shoes. I measured her foot because i really promised to myself that i must have to buy one for her as my thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus Christ for so many blessing He had given me. I know this will be just a small thing i could give to this girl and her grade 2 sister but i hope could make them happy this Christmas. I really wanted them to be happy like my children on Christmas day.
Thank you so much Lord for everything. I didn't become rich and perfect, we had some trials and had physical and emotional pains but you made our everyday smooth and guided us all throughout the years. Thank you Lord for being always with us.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


I like the house...

Just while ago one of my neighbor told me that the house just beside my house is for sale. Since when the house was under construction i was aiming that one of these days i could buy that house. This house for sale has 3 bedroom with wider living room, kitchen and dining plus 3 toilet bath. It is impossible for me to be able to buy this house because it cost ten million pesos ($220,000 more or less) and i have only very small money which is good for our food stuff for only one month which i saved when i have a small store. My store is already down and not anymore earning for our daily expenses. My two kids are still going to school.I just thank on this blogosphere. at least i am earning although my monthly earning for the whole month is not enough but it is a big help to pay our monthly bills. And my savings is for the daily expenses in school and our food. Due to high prices of commodities i am sure my small savings will finished soon. I wish not.
I wish for more opportunities because at these moment i am only depending on online earning. I know that i am not a good writer but i am trying all my best to manage all my blogs to get some work. I am so thankful to all those advertisers who were patiently considering my blogs. God is so good to me. I've been through so many hardships and pains (emotional and physical by my husband)but with God's love i survived with patience and endurance) and i am still surviving my two kids alone.
I don't have someone to help me except the Lord eversince when my children was born. All my problems, worries , burdens i kept it to Him. I know God loves me and my children and never leave us. I always prayed to the Lord to give me peace of mind and happiness because i am always worrying of the future of my kids.. But With God's lOve they were okey and contented how much i cared and worked hard just to buy everything they want and need.I thank God for everything,i was too patience despite of all the pains and hardships for the sake of my children although it was really really so hard in my part specially when they were young when they were so young. I cared for them hands on at the same time managing my small store.
Now i am getting old, how i wished that i could buy the house so that i can rest from too much worrying and have peace of mind for the rest of my life.. I've been so sad for twenty years. My children were the only inspiration to work and live.
I am the luckiest if i could buy the house. I know it is impossible because i don't have millions... so just let me fantasize.LOL. There is no payment for aiming too high anyway...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Newest Collection of 2010 Prom dresses and wedding dreses

Hello mothers out there. Hows everybody. I am so sure busy in the home and busy assisting children specially when kids are grown up and they are about to be a part of prom program this 2010 school year. That is one of the students most awaited program in the school. They are excited to wear gowns for girls and tuxedo for boys. I have two kids both passed high school proms , the junior and senior prom. Traditionally, girls wear formal gowns or dresses. Specially graduating class who are about to go apart with their four years classmates. In our place, prom is held usually when mid of February to March before the end of school year while other countries takes place on November and December. Dress shops start to change their displays from ordinary or casual dresses to formal dresses for prom events when prom's month is approaching . I was browsing my computer for my niece who is fourth year and she will attend prom soon. I found this site promgirl.net features prom dresses. Lots of designs , styles to choose from . There were times that schools management desides themselves what to wear for the student like for junior students will wear short prom dress. I saw it from 4Prom.com different designs of short prom dresses . They all looks beautiful, stylish and elegant. Mothers out there you don't need to be stressed yourself looking for a prom dress anywhere. What you need are here specially colors you need. I know sometimes school oblighed one color for everybody but you could choose your own style and design. When you browse their site you were amazed already on the first page because lots of designs and styles displayed to choose from. These dresses are all attractive and perfect for prom.
You know? before i search their site i already shops at different department dress stores for formal dresses and gowns but unfortunately i found their displays and their available stocks are the same with the other stores and usually old same designs and styles. There was no new designs and very common old fashion style.. My teenage nephew is looking for something new design or style which is unique. Does not want a prom dress which the same style like her classmates during the occasion. This sites provides huge selections of different designs and style for 2010 short prom dresses where you can find new fashionable designs that you have never seen before. Their personnel are very accommodating if you ask questions and if you are looking for an specific designs or size . Their size is made by professional cutters and dressmakers and they know the sizes that fits perfectly. You can also find here the best and elegant wedding dresses. Mori lee has the look that will fit your style and your budget. Their dresses are affordable, yet they never sacrifice quality for price. They always made it sure that costumers feels great and special because she's wearing the newest design of wedding dress from the latest 2010 creation of Mori lee.


The best Divorce Lawyers in Toronto

It is very hard to be a mother. If something happened in a family , mother is always the first one who get worried, emotionally affected and even financially affected. She is the worrier of the family. Lucky are those who have a very supportive parents with a mother who has a tender love and care mother. Life is very complicated nowadays. Sometimes despite of being careful and good parents, good neighbor or good driver or good employee you still can't get away from undesirable situations that you need a legal advise or legal assistant from the lawyers. If you are unlucky today whether you like it or not, misfortunes is just only there waiting for you . Hopefully those were not be tragic and settled legally.
Yes in the internet , search lisagelman.com/ if you are in need of legal assistance. This website German & Associates is a boutique law firm in Toronto, Ontario Canada. They have a smart Toronto Lawyers who could render legal assistance if you have problem of your family. Like when member of the family is sued of criminal case Toronto Lawyers are here to depend you in the court. They are also expert on Personal Injury Law. Whether you are injured intentionally or unintentionally by someone else you can file a case with the assistant of Toronto lawyers to get compensation . This time of recession, there are also companies to used recession reason to kick out employees without separation pays which is not legally fair.
On of the most common case in a family is the separation of parents due to some circumstances that both couple can't cope anymore and decided to divorce. Like this case, you can count on Divorce Lawyers , they cover family law which includes divorce law, prenuptial agreements, custody, child support and separation agreements. Just search this website , these lawyers handle your case properly and fast.


Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Osteogenesis imperfecta is a disorder of connective tissue. It is an hereditary condition of a baby. An infants who had this disease may be born with multiple fractures caused by mild trauma when at still in the womb of the mother or may caused during delivery The hands, legs are short and deformed due to intrauterine fractures that healed in abnormal position. Infants maybe stillborn and others may die soon afterbirth due to skull fractures when still in the uterus of her mother but complications may arises like hydrocephalus and so many deformities or disorders of other organs.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Mango Shake

My daughter loves shakes so much . Everytime we eat outside either snack, lunch or dinner she always order for a shake. She likes mango or peach flavor. I also do this in the home specially when mango is in season month of February to May. Here's how to do it.

Prepare the following:
one glass of crushed ice
2 pieces of mango , peeled, remove the seed and cut into cubes.
evaporated milk and half tablespoon of vanilla
2 tablespoon colored sago
whipped cream for topping
sugar to taste

Combine crushed ice, mango, evaporated milk, vanilla, sugar to taste and blend well in a blender until tick.
when serving - Prepare the glass, put one tablespoon of sago then pour the blended mixture. Top with whipped cream and serve immediately

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Online Games this Holiday Season

Hello friends . Christmas is fast approaching. My kids are now excited for the holiday. We always took this opportunity to bond and enjoy every year. Usually we celebrate Christmas the traditional one . We went to church in the morning together for Christmas Morning Service and went home together. Few days before the holiday we started shopping for our selves . I used to buy new outfit for myself and some stuffs for the house. Actually i shopped for new curtains and a new Christmas tree because my old Christmas tree is already broken so it can not be recycled anymore. First of all we clean generally our house . We fix everything and assemble everything we need before the holiday. We make it sure that we were not be in rush on the day of celebration. I am responsible for the needs in the kitchen , my daughter do the cleaning and my son responsible for the games they play with her sister. My two kids are really indulges to online games. Once they start sitting infront of the computer and start the games they forgot to eat, take bath, homework and sleep. I am getting angry but they won't mind, their reason is they just enjoying their holiday with online games. I think this is better than they go out with their friends and i can't see what they doing outside. Possibility into drugs, drink alcohol, smoking or maybe some illegal acts outside. So i am thankful that they love online games everytime they are free from their studies and I will let them enjoy all the games from gamehouse.com this holiday. On GameHouse, you can find the hottest game releases and all of your favorite downloadable games and online games for both Windows and Mac. All your favorite games for your kids, parents, grandpas and for grandmas are available here including hidden object, puzzle, classic games and more are available. Take this opportunity for the whole family. Start now and Happy Holiday!!


23 more days to go...

Wow ! Christmas is very fast approaching. It is only 23 more days to go. I thank God, my house is already clean and able to put some Christmas decoration. My Christmas tree is already set up. It is simple but nice. I love it. This is for you Lord Jesus!
I am planning to go to mall on Saturday to shop for my gifts to my kids. We will have an exchange gift on the 24rth of this month. We always do this every year as part of the celebration and then eat together on the first hour of Christmas day.
Just only last night when we were having our dinner, my daughter told me that we will just only prepare salads and cakes only and avoid foods like foods for heavy big meal. I think this is a nice suggestion. We don't expect visitors and usually we only celebrates Christmas alone but happy and contented.

Monday, November 30, 2009


The best prom dresses and wedding dresses for 2010

Hello friends, mothers out there. How's everybody? I hope everything is fine. If you learned that your daughter's junior Senior prom is approaching, I am sure your are the first one who is happy and excited. You are happy because your little daughter is already an adolescence and its hard for you to believe.... time flies so fast. You are excited to see her in prom dress and you will be proud of her.
Prom is a formal dance gathering of third year and fourth year highschool students. Usually held before the end of the school year. They are required to wear a formal dress. Dining , dancing and choosing and crowning of King and Queen are the common activities of prom event. This is also an activities for socialization. They learned to behave like true ladies and gentlemen and enhanced their sense of confidence to deal with other people.
When i was in highschool i didn't attend the prom because i don't have a formal dress to wear and i was so shy because most of my school mates were the so called elites in our hometown. They are the children of the political leaders and businessmen in our town. My parents were just a farmer in a village two kilometers away from our school. The way they acts are like socialites and always dress in styles everytime there are social events in our school. I had the feeling of inferiority complex but i promised my self to study hard and work. I promised to myself that it will never be happened to my daughter to be in the future.
To make the story short, seven years ago, i stand by my promise to provide the best prom dress to my daughter and she was so thankful that i guided her to choose the best gown for her. I made it sure that the gowns suits to her styles and hair and make up. She looks lovely that night. She told me that her prom dress noticed by her highschool friends and said that she had the best gown and stylish. It is unique from their gowns.
I was browsing my computer when accidentally found 4prom.com OMG!!! they looks gorgeous and stylish prom dresses . Truly can't imagine how this designer design a beautiful prom dresses. I wanted to be in highschool again or my daughter to wear prom dress from this website. Colors and styles are unique. You can find here every woman's favorite color and style she wanted to wear in the prom event. Long dress, above the knee or below the knee length of dresses are available in varieties of designs. They are not only plain colors but there are also multicolored or printed dresses. Fantastic prom dresses to 2010 really!!! you will never regret if your daughter buy her prom dress here. How much more if wedding dress. Of course my friends.... it is one of their expertise to make wedding gowns here at this website morilee.com Many costumers had proven that morilee always made it sure that every wedding gown fit to the client's style and budget as well. Since it is the bride's day It is your special day so you deserved to be the most beautiful and makes other women and guest of the wedding surprised of you . Widen their eyes and say "OMG!!! what a beautiful and elegant wedding gown!"
Yes friends, there is no doubts of different gowns and dress for formal events in this website. They offers wedding dresses, prom dresses, formal dresses, bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns for 2010 are available and very affordable. Mori Lee is the right choice for any special occasion. Order now!

Friday, November 27, 2009


Lets maintain our bones strong

Our bones continue develops until end of adolescence.
Bones reach the maximum length at age 20 but continue build strength and density until age 30. The bone mass normally achieved between ages 25-35 years of age.
At age of 39 years , one already lost 20 % of his/her bone mass. Give it a few more years and another 12 percent goes.
The peak loss occurs during post menopausal stage making women more and more susceptible to osteoporosis.

Workout to build bones
Regular exercises that put mild pressure on the bones can maintain bones strength. It must be done at least 45 minutes 3 times a week. Muscle stretching exercise can helps to attract calcium into your bones and aid absorption specially when a women have already menopaused.
Physical activity also develops body coordination and prevents easily falls and fractures.
Quick walking , jogging, stair climbing and dancing are the best exercise to prevent osteoporosis and maintains bone strength.
Weightlifting and racket sports are also good and other variety of exercise you want to kep all your bones strong and healthy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Fire pits, oil lamp and torches are here...

There is no place like home with a garden. I am a very homebody person and now a mother. I was still high school when i love gardening. I used to help my mother to maintain her garden before. I was the one who water the plants every afternoon if i arrived from school. I really loved hanging out in the garden. My mother put some garden chair set where i sit and do my assignments and my projects in the school. I was so inspired to study my lessons in the greeny beautiful garden. Now i have my own home with my kids but not my dream house because it has a small lot area. I am still dreaming for a house with a beautiful garden, patio and roof top. I am inspired to dream more when i found this website HG lifestyle a source of quality products for home and garden. You can find here fire pits that provides your patios with a brilliant fire light and warm and delightful welcome to those who will come in. These looks gorgeous and durable because they are made out of solid steel and pure copper basin fire domes.
OMG!! different designs and artistic torches are there to choose from. It adds ambiance in an outdoor gathering like debut (eighteenth birthday party) and even wedding . Oil lamps are nice for just a simple and smaller formal gathering because they looks so cute and elegant and can makes the affair dramatic and very impressive when it glows radiantly. You don't need to go far if you are planning for an outdoor gathering, your garden are already good venue for outdoor gathering of any family occasion. You can impressed your visitors or guest how you had beautify the garden with quality products for home and garden from Hj Lifestyle. It is more impressive and you can be proud of. What are you waiting for? search hglifestyle.com now for further information and details. All their products are affordable and free shipping.


Calamansi Juice

Last Sunday my in law brought for us so many calamansi fruit from their farm in Batangas. They purposely gave the fruit for my son because he is having severe colds for two days now. He has also high fever with a temperature reading 38.9 degrees centegrade. I gave him anti-pyretic tablet (Biogesic 500 mg). The temperature lowered down but after four hours when the effect of the medicine lapsed, temperature shot up again to 38 and above. I did cold compress over his forehead and keep him bed rest, increase fluid intake and fruit juices. I juiced the calamansi. This is a citrus fruit and very rich in Vitamin C . It also increases resistance against infection.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


100 % Cotton Bathrobes and Towel Wraps

Hello friends, Hows everybody? About Me ? i am struggling for my daily routines today. I have to finished them all because i am going to sort out the wardrobe of my children. There are so many old clothes , house dress, socks and many more other things like bags must to be removed from their cabinet or room. The room needs general cleaning while my kids are on semestral vacation. Old once must be disposed to make the room wide and cozy. While I was sorting them out, i have noticed their bath robe and bath towel are already too small for them. I think it shrank.. i have not mistaken, this was just only bought last two weeks ago. It should not be like this and it is somewhat sluggish already. It does not fit and does not look good to use anymore for my children.
I browsed my computer for bath robes , and towel wraps. I am so lucky to search PosyLane.com Wow!! it is a website about beautiful bathrobes. I will tell you one by one:
Terry bath robe is a one hundred percent cotton. You know? speaking of 100% cotton you don't need to think twice because it is good quality of fabric so it is perfect for bathrobe .It will never shrunk.
Waffle bath robe- yes mothers out there , this is only 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester so this is lighter than Terry but i am sure this will never decrease in size . It will stay in good shape forever.
Bath wrap- this is softer than terry cloth. It won't pull either . Colorfull wraps are there to choose from

Monday, November 9, 2009


Low back Pains

Low back pain is the most common complaint of those individuals who are getting older. Yehhh!! me too. I can't deny that. I already started manifestations of getting old. Low back pain and muscle pains. These may due to muscular and ligamentous strains of the joints and spine. These pains are usually chronic as time goes by and aging process. The treatment of these is purely symptomatic like for pain -take anti inflammatory and rest to relieved the pain. But for acute pain - don't ever hesitate to seek medical check up , you might need physical therapeutic modalities.
Well there are important consideration to prevent low back pains .We have to consider that treatment is correction of faulty posture so we have to follow these very simple instruction.
>correct body positions produces no strains upon muscles, joints, bones and ligaments
> the body should always in the proper alignment while lying, sitting, walking, exercising, standing and working

Monday, November 2, 2009


Oranges for me from my son

Hi friends, just this morning my son arrived from the province. He brought something 6 green oranges and said "Mommy ito lang ang dala ko para sa iyo sorry ha? "( "Mommy this is the only thing i brought for you ..sorry.") and handed to me the oranges in a small plastic bag.
I am so touched and said "Salamat anak. mas importante na nakadating kayong safe at salamat sa Diyos." (Thank you son.. it is more important that you arrived safe and thanks to God)
I am so lucky that i have a son who is so thoughtful and caring. I hope he won't changed.


I'll update now this blog.... promise

I always forget this blog. I just focused on my other blogs. I only visit and update when there are task offered for this blog. Now i realized it is not easy to have a multiple blogs but still hoping that i can update from now on because N/A page rank raised now to page Rank 2 .
Thanks Mr Google. You are inspiring me.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Fun Holiday Eyeglasses from Zenni Optical

Hi friends. Holiday again for Halloween and All Souls's Day . People's tradition to flocks in the cemetery this day to commemorate their loved ones who passed away. It' not yet too late to have the Holiday Fun Eyeglasses for this festival and Halloween and for other outdoor events may take in your office or family. There are new arrivals which looks so elegant and gorgeous. Huge selections are there to choose from. ZenniOptical.com also offers quality $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. Order online now!

4372 Acetate Full-Rim Frame
2502 Plastic Half-rim Frame
2234 Plastic Fashion Full-Rim Frame

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Eggplant Omelet

I should have to prepare our dinner now but i am not yet decided what to prepare. I have only 3 eggplants in my refrigerator. I think, i 'll just make eggplant omelet. I always feel lazy now. Most of the time, i only cook the simpliest recipes but i made sure it is nutritious than just buying cooked viand outside. There are times that foods they sell are already leftovers . They just reheat it. (But not all of them).

Here is the simple recipe that i am going to prepare:
Just grill the 2-3 eggplants then peel off the skin and set aside. Prepare 2 eggs and beat well and add a little salt to taste and mix with the eggplant. Do not remove the crown or stem of the eggplant. It serves as handle when you turned to cook the other side of the omelet. Fry it and serve hot with fried rice is also good.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Cheapest but stylish eyeglasses

One of my problem while blogging is my eyeglasses. I think my vision not fit anymore with my present eyeglasses . It need a change. I am looking for the cheapest one. Glad to search this Zenni Optical offering $8 Rx eyeglasses. From this website, you will also learned that Author of Living Rich by spending smart is also using $8 Rx eyeglasses and he revealed from his interview for the show of CBN News "How you can start spending Smart". What more you could ever say to these eyeglasses from Zenni Optical? They are cheap and super affordable , stylish and fashionable. That is why no wonder if everybody says " It is my favorite high fashion eyeglasses".

2337 Plastic Full-Rim Frame

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Mother's therapy

Hi my friends.. specially stay at home moms out there and working moms as well. Although i am already old mother i am still interested to watch sport on tv like boxing to ease my boredom in the house and also a therapy in times of stress. Last Sunday i watched Donaire and Conception of Panama boxing fight. The fight was held at Las Vegas USA and i am so proud of Donaire because he won the fight by unanimous decision. Yeheyyy !!!we have again Filipino boxing champion. Congrats Philippines! Again another Filipino who would become popular like Manny Pacquiao all over the world. How i wish that our government officials must also show popularity for the improvement for our country and for the Filipino people and not spending millions of pesos for a lavish dinners in Washington and New York.
More power to Nonito Donaire! and also other Filipino who won last Sunday and also Abby who was disqualified but don't worry Abby we are still proud of you because that was not intentional.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



When i gave birth of my first born and my second as well i was the happiest woman in this world. It is really a great feeling to deliver your own baby. My happiness is perfect and unexplainable. I have promised to myself that i will take care of my children the best i can and render the best care and right way of rearing them.
Usually children are able to grow and develop to their optimal level when they are raised in happy families. And generally, it is not easy because you are not only considering the physical need but also emotional aspect and the environment. And the society now is quite different not like in the older times that children always obey their parents. I am so glad for this website supernannies.com conducting parenting forum about child's behavior , potty training, sleeping, bathing, eating and many more. Sometimes you will be get fainted if you don't know how to deal with children's behaviors. Attending forums and converse with other parents and other professional on child's care is great. You will get the right parenting advice like on sleep habit or tantrums and so on . It is not easy really but if we learn parenting skills surely the child will grow and developed the way they should be as God fearing, obedient, happy and healthy.

"Teach a child the way he should go, when he is old he will never depart from it". verse from the Bible.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Eggs for breakfast

Egg is the most popular food in the morning for breakfast. For me, not only for breakfast but sometimes for dinner or lunch. There were times that i have no time to cook for our meal or sometimes, i don't have idea what food to cook for our lunch or dinner so i always end up to just fry or boil some EGGS. Very easy to prepare so i always keep it available in my kitchen. It is also cheap and it is a good source of high protein, vitamins and minerals and other more nutritional benefits. It provides a long lasting energy for the body.
Some adults believes that egg yolks is not advisable for them and some doctors advices patients to omit the eggyolks if they eat eggs because the yolk contains high cholesterol and may triggers their cholesterol level higher. But now there are studies that the huge Egg's nutritional benefits be heavier than a small cholesterol content of the egg yolks. So for those who have heart problem you can eat the whole eggs plus other nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables and reduces fatty foods , exercise and maintain a normal body weight . " If you don't eat the yolks, you will miss out on many of egg's nutritional benefits, so make the healthy choice and eat the whole egg.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Best gifts of a Mother to her kids and friends

These are the tips i can share to you mothers in choosing stuffs for your kids. These stuffs are best gifts for your kids or friends and useful at home and outdoor. Make it a personalized gift would be better. Search posylane.com for shopping online.
1.Nap Mat is very important for toddler kids or even those infant babies. It is one thing that a mother must have to bring when bringing kids outdoor or travel. It protects the child from hard objects where you lay your kids outdoor. It also protects your child from chilling because this Mint's nap mat is padded with cotton and nylon with soft fleecy blanket. This would surely makes your kids feels comfortable.

2.Laundry Bag- this is needed for dirty used clothes to prevent contaminating the clean and unused clothes. Choose Mint's Laundry bag because looks neat and no mess of your stuffs. They are durable and available in different colors.

3.Towel wrap- choose Mint's Towel wrap because it is soft. The soft fabrics will not damage or irritate kid's sensitive skin. And it is more attractive if you have buy the personalized towel wrap. So many colors available to choose from and match with personalized nap mat and laundry bag to have a complete set. Better buy them all .

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Expensive medicines

We took these so many drugs when me and my daughter got sick. It is antibiotic, mucolytic, ascorbic acid, anti-pyretics and multivitamins. It is hard to get sick. We're lucky that we have health card so we don't pay consultation fees, laboratory procedures and X ray . But we bought our own mediines which was prescribed by the doctor. Ohhh my gushh!!! Drugs are too expensive. It cost more than three thousand pesos for the medicines. How can we get well if ever we can't afford to buy these expensive medicines?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Best eyeglasses for kids

Oh! mothers out there! Your children are back to school again. Kids need eyeglasses for a changed for better vision. It is one that we should include to our budget . But don't worry friend, the Zenni Optical offers $8 Rx eyeglasses only. It is affordable ! is it? You can't get this cheap prices of eyeglasses from other optical clinic. Try to watch the Houston video when
Zenni Optical on TV. You will learn and believe that the huge selections of eyeglasses that suits to your age and fashion. For further information, one blogger rated High Five to Zenni Optical.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Good father

I don't understand why there are mothers who could live away from their own children. But of course they have their own reasons behind. Sometimes due to some of their marital issues that made the mother to go away and leave their child to the father. Here in the Philippines, so many mothers are working overseas and there is no other way than to leave their children to the father. The father become the house husband.
As i monitors Michael life's story . I copied one paragraph from the news in the internet which made me pity and admires as well for MJ that he was a good father and loves all the children all over the world.
"The Breaking News : Debbie ROWE : Jackson not father of my kids
Speaking about her relationship with Michael - who died last Thursday (25.06.09) after a suspected cardiac arrest - she told journalist Rebecca White: "Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, 'I will have your babies.' "
I am touched of Michael Jackson - He really love and wants children . I am sure he was just only misunderstood before. See! when the kids were growing, no one of us know that he worked to make sure for a good future of his children. At that early, he made already a testament for them. No doubts! he was a good father and person as well.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Zerona laser Lipo

Hi mothers? Something good news especially mothers in Toronto Canada. Do you know what? Zerona lipo laser by Erchonia is already brought here in Toronto, Canada. Zerona is the first non-invasive body contouring procedure which is effectively remove excess fats from any parts of your body like buttocks, arms, thighs, hips, waist, and abdomen. Usually mothers after giving birth are prone to have an excess fats especially buttocks, waist and the whole abdomen. This is really a big problem of mothers after giving birth , instead of becoming sexy because she had delivered but unfortunately , the more disfigured because of excess fats. Well mothers out there , don't let your excess fats stay in you , there are husbands who wants their wife looks always sexy as they are. So always watch out of your figure so that your husbands always proud of you and stay with you and will not leave you for a sexier girl. Hehehe.. Sorry for my being frank but this actually now happened in real life. So before it's too late , we should always conscious of our figures and removes excess fats as much as possible. It is hard for us to try dieting to lessen excess fats because we are always tired working at home and if we eat less, we might get sick and become a problem more. We mothers must always be strong and healthy so that we can take care of our children and the husband as well. Many mothers also tried fitness everyday but don't you know that going to fitness gym everyday is a waste of our time? Friend , i am introducing to you the newest Zerona Liposuction in Toronto is so easy you might feel guilty for getting in the shape you want faster than your friends… friends who are working out in a Toronto gym for hours and starving themselves on some new “diet”. This lipo laser is to reduce fats in just only 4o minutes and resume your daily activities after the treatment. You don't feel bored of the result like other weight loss programs which it takes weeks and months but sometimes no result. This lipo laser is very safe because apply only the unique machine externally and no need of scalpel or knife, or needle to puncture your skin. This instruments are possible causes of infection. So, Laser liposuction is still the best and safest to remove excess fats. You can count on to achieved the best body shape even how many child births you had. So mothers out there! what are you waiting for? search lilianalaser.ca/for further infomation.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Personalized plates and backpacks plus ezy- roller for kids!

Yes friends! our kids are adorable and they are our inspiration. We always do our best to make them comfortable and healthy. Caring kids need a lots of patient , there are kids are hyper active, energetic but not dare to eat the nutritious foods. Well, this is normal for kids. But it is always in our part and responsibility to feed them the right food and at the right time until they are used to eat . Prepare food which are nutritious and colorful and use personalized children's plates. Psychologically, urges their appetite and inspires to eat food specially when you buy these personalized plates from posylane.com Search this website now! melamine and personalized plates matched with laminated placemats that are available here. There are sixty eight designs to choose from. You can choose designs which is appropriate to their age and your kid's favorites. And these plates are made of super strong plastics, so you don't worry of accidental breaks that may cause injuries to your kids. It always looks new and neat because scratch resistant. They have toddler backpacks too in different styles and colors. They are all nice and perfect for gifts. Buy now for your kids, nieces and nephews.
If i were you i include this Ezy Roller a three wheel cart without pedals, chain, or batteries. It helps your kids physical and mental developments. This ezy roller is manufactured very durable and safe to use.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Swine Flu in the Philippines

It is very alarming! there are now 14 confirmed cases of influenza A(HINI) here in the Philippines. Children are now going to school starting this first week of June. From the local news, it is reported that our government has already stocks around one million anti-swine flu drugs for future needs. Well this is good! at least the department are ready in case of epidemic but how i wish and pray that the gradual spread of swine flu is totally eradicated all over the world.
It is now time for us mothers to be always keep on educating our children how to avoid this swine flu disease.
*Keep away from classmates who have cough or fever and report immediately to their teacher. Tell them to cover also their mouth when coughing and consult to their parents if they do not not feeling well.
*Always eat nutritious food and foods high in vitamin C as well to increase their resistance against any diseases.
*Always wash their hands before eating and after defecation with soap and water.
*Advised children avoid buying snacks from street vendors.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Atlanta and San Diego Plumbing Services

Yes friends. Mothers out there, leaks and water at the wrong place in the house is an irritating problem. I am very sure , those stay at home mothers had experienced any of this problem like leaks of pipes, clogged kitchen drains, lose gasket that need to replace or install . Naturally we mothers can't do anything than to look for an expert plumber to fix, repair
or install a new one.
For those residing in Atlanta and San Diego is their chance to have a good contact with the Atlanta plumber and San Diego plumber. Keep their number and you just contact them anytime you need their plumbing services. So convenient to call them especially if you need repair or emergency plumbing.
Plumbing is not an easy works. It needs patients and excellent knowledge to perfect the work so Atlanta plumbing is their expertise and you can count on them. They works for your home excellently. For more details and information, search atlantaplumber.biz and sandiegocaplumber.org

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kid's differences

My both kids having their summer class. Actually they don't need it because since first year they all passed their subjects . (Thanks God!) They don't have failure grades but my son's grade for the last semester is depressing. He got only passing grades 3.0. My gush!!! he is soo lazy to study despite of my advices. I hope he will change because he will be third year engeneering by June 2009. My son is more talented and intelligent than my daughter but my daughter has a higher grades because she study more in the house. They have the same course Engeneering and same school . So many times , my daughter review and study untill 0ne o clock AM during examination day but my son just pip her notes for only 30 minutes then sleep.

Monday, April 27, 2009



Since i have heard about the Swine Flue Virus , i am scared to cook pork at these time.I am just psychologically affected of the news. Although Health Secretary Duque shouting in the media that porks here in the Philippines are safe to eat. There is no reported cases of swine flu here in the country. We are lucky about that. How i wish this deadly swine diseases controlled as soon as possible specially to those countries considered positive for swine flu virus.
At the moment i cook beef or chicken instead of pork dishes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Debt Consolidation

There are times that we are over spending , shop here and there as long as we have the credit card available. We can't stop ourselves shopping using our credit cards until we did not notice that we are already deepened into debt. In some cases, it is an unexpected, unavoidable or an emergency expenses that comes to their life. So the tendency is to make a loan and usually loans from different companies. This online transaction is so easy to use and this one thing that makes us also into debt . The non -stop using debt cards. At the end, we are deeply in debt and the problem is how to deal and pay for it. You will find difficulties in paying them at a time. And you will find soon your debt increased due to high rates of interest. You need to approach debt advisory as soon as possible, a debt consolidator for debt consolidations. They are professionals to work for all the credit cards payments , payday loans, personal loans into one new monthly payments. It is their expertise to help in consolidate debts and to settle your debts in easy way and avoid confusion and mismanagement . Their computations of your loan's monthly payments is accurate so it won't affects your daily allowance or monthly bills as long as you don't over spend. This is the best debt consolidation company, so no doubts and regrets in choosing this company to consolidate your debts and improve more quality life. You can avail their services by online so you don't need to spend time to go at their office. You can apply debt consolidation wherever you are either at home or office. So convenient! Is it?

Thursday, April 16, 2009



My son complaining of constipation. he is my child that he does not like to eat vegetables. he is acting like a small child so i am getting angry to him that seems he does not studied the basic food groups in school . I bought ripe papaya which is almost over ripe as his dessert every after meal and a glass of pineapple juice. I advised to drink more fluids. The following morning, he passed out successfully. How i wished that he will forced himself to eat fruits and vegetables everyday

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Best Bridal Prices!

You're getting married and looking for the best wedding gown? Well , search bestbridalprices.com You can find here the most beautiful designs of bridal dresses, not only one, two but 4000 designs to choose from and over 3000 bridesmaids dresses are there . Their bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses is for sale here for over 30 years so, you can count on them to enjoy the most elegant wedding gown designed by their most popular and expert designer in a very affordable price. So don't forget ! Only here the best bridal prices!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Egg Hunting During Easter

Easter Egg hunting now adays is becoming popular. Actually i never experience this when i was young. I was in the remote area of the Northern Part of the Philippines and really never experienced this before. What i only remember was my parents slaughter one pig or goat for a good meal for the whole family. They believe that it is a feast day because Jesus Christ has risen from death.
My kids are lucky too because at their earlier age have already attended egg hunting when they attended one church activity. The games now is usually held in the malls, hotels and to churches and communities that attracts so many Filipino families.
During the hunts , true eggs or eggs made out of chocolate candies, of various sizes and designs are hidden in different places for children to find them. it is really an exiting game for children that i myself as a mother of one kid trying to find those eggs was excited too.
Easter gets a lots of commemorations, observations in Europe and also America. They prepare good meal too and call it as Easter Bread.


Free Credit Report

Hi friends. No time no see! Glad to be here again! These time, i just want to remind you of your credit cards. Is your credit reports monitored regularly? I am not scaring you but just be hoping that you will not be in problem about your credit lines. Thieves are always around in every corner now adays. Over 2 thousand people victimized everyday. Their credit cards or identities are stolen and thieves able to open or secure another credit cards under the name of the victim and withdraw all the available balance in the account. Like Miss Ruffa Gutierrez (first runner up for Miss World) unnoticely misplaced her credit card and just found out later in her credit report that over $28,ooo.oo was withdrawn. She was surprised because she never used the card for a couple of weeks and expecting that her card is just in her suit case or bag but when tried to look for her credit card, it is already missing. You know? thieves are wise. They stole identities in so many ways. That is why free credit report is the best way to stop them or not allowing them to withdraw or make frauds successfully. A credit report is a summary of your financial history. Potential lenders will use your credit report to help them evaluate whether you are a good credit or risk. Your credit information is one way to avoid the chance of thieves to make identity fraud. Credit Nexus 3-in-1 Credit Report is highly recommended company in monitoring credit reports. It is their experts to monitor credit report accurately. So you can count on them to prevent questionable withdrawals of thieves from your accounts. For more information and details about this company search creditnexus.com

Saturday, April 11, 2009


To my dear blog,

Ohh my dear mothercares.blogspot.com blog. So sorry for not updating you. I am soooooooo ....much busy in my daily chores in our house and in my store and other blogs too. This blog got a good link pop and technorati rating but wondering why Mr Google never gave a page rank. But its okey, i will try my best to update you from now on.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Why play with kids?

Parents or mothers who make sure that their child is there always someone to play with. Parents play with their child not only to have fun or bonding but children develops physical and intellectual abilities during play . Physically children develops sensory abilities like when giving them rattles, balls, dolls and other toys and for toddlers or pre school will strenghtens their muscles and promotes circulatory function when they run, climbs and and exploring their invironment. Intellectually they learn to differentiates sizes , colors and textures, numbers and names of objects. It increases their knowlege and language abilities by speaking with others, read with their playmates or siblings and parents. It develops an interest read more to hear stories or read story books until finally they can distinguishe what is fantacy story or real story.

Friday, February 27, 2009


Business Loan

Being a stay at home mother, i need to make money while at home caring for my children specially kids are already in college. I need lots of money for tuition fees , transportation allowances for my children plus monthly bills and household stuffs and the non stop daily expenses. Finances is very complicated now adays so many individuals affected by recession. No work no money. I should have to make a business as soon as possible. I don't want to see my kids crying if tomorrow i can't send them to school or i can't give them proper foods to eat. I can't forgive myself if happen that way. As a mother i should have to consider always the five rights of a child- right to provide the basic needs, education, medical services, clothing and shelter.I can't provide all these if i have no money. I start a business through business credit. This is the only best way that i should have to do. Through the internet i able to browsed BusinessCreditMagic.com this is exactly what i need to loan to start my business plan. Good thing they don't require any collateral at all and provide unsecured personal loans for any purpose. Instantly they processed your application and avail the the money as soon as you signed up. You don't experienced any headache or boredom. They works and process what you need like a magic. For how much you need for unsecured business loans , the ezunsecured.com is willing to processed your application right away and willing to finance your you export/ import business loan you want . So mothers out there ! start business and make money now. Don't waste your time. You will never regret.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Selecting your Child's Toys

Choosing the right toys for your children should always depend on the age , personality , abilities. interest and environment as well as safety of your child. Usually toys in the market are labels for age and recommendation. Proper toys for a child will develops concept and motor development. But must have to be sure that it is safe and never cause danger to your child.
Toys should be :*
*no sharp edges to cut and pointed that can puncture your young child
*no small parts that can be swallowed and ingested like pellets from dolls and animals
*no excessive noise that can damage their sense of hearing.
*toys should be not painted with toxic materials. Paints with lead content is common now a days. It was in the news last year that there were toys were positive with lead materials.
*no electrical toys that can burn or shock your young kids
*for older children, they select their own toys and usually they choose electrical toys. They must be guided with parents or guardians and taught direction to use and the cautions.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Prom Dresses

I have two kids both passed high school proms , the junior and senior prom. The most awaiting event for highschool students. Traditionally, girls wear formal gowns or dresses. Specially graduating class who are about to go apart with their four years classmates. Here in the Philippines, prom is held usually when mid of February to March before the end of school year while other countries takes place on November and December. Dress shops start to change their displays from ordinary dresses to prom dresses when prom's month is approaching . Good to known this site promgirl.net specializing on prom dresses because Junior and senior proms never missed by high school students every year in Asia, Far East and Western countries or almost all over the world. When you browse their site you were amazed already on the first page because lots of designs and styles displayed to choose from. They sells also prom shoes perfectly suits to prom gowns.
You know? before i search their site i already shops at different department dress stores for formal dresses and gowns but unfortunately i found their displays and their available stocks are the same with the other stores and usually old same designs and styles. There was no new designs and very common old fashion style.. My teenage daughter is looking for something new design or style which is unique. Does not want a prom dress which the same style like her classmates during the occasion. This sites provides huge selections of different designs and style where you can find new fashionable designs you have never seen before. Their personnel are very accommodating if you ask questions and if you are looking for an specific designs or size . Their size is made by professional cutters and dressmakers and they know the sizes that fits perfectly. You can also choose prom dress from the best and latest top ten prom dresses which are very affordable and gorgeous. They accepts order online with free shipment and you will received at your door step on the expected date . They have also beautiful prom shoes looks elegant evening quality shoes. Their shoes are fashionable and durable. Durability is very important to avoid to be put to shame when hills accidentally detached in the mid of the occasion. Do you want to be put to shame? Of Course not! so mothers out there! Your daughter will surely be the most memorable event in her life by wearing prom shoes and dress. Search now promgirl.net , this site may also helps and provide prom advice too for your teenage daughter or the school to brings the best prom for the year 2009.
Sexy prom dresses and gown for homecoming, cocktail , pageant and formal dresses are available in 4prom.com This is a division of promgirl.net so expect an elegant , stylist gowns and dresses because these are creation of popular designers throughout America. These famous designers are Mori Lee, Jovani, Clarisse, Paris, Mauri Simone and Niteline So what more your looking for? They creates the best gowns in the world.


Stay together

Post Valentine's Day, my son cleaned his room for the whole half day. The room is really dusty and everything is not in order. Actually i am already scolded him the other day reminding him to clean his room instead of playing games online during free time. I am amazed because voluntarily clean his room . Maybe he himself already irritated. Not like his sister, she never dare to clean the house. She always promise to clean the house and laundry after school.
Well yesterday just spent Valentines Day in our house with my kids. I prepared spaghetti , cakes and icecream. It is also the birthday of my daughter. She just intentionally treated her friends at Yellow Cab (central Edsa) last Friday February 13 and not invites anymore in our house. We just want valentines day and bithday , simply stay at home together with simple preparation enough for the 3 of us rather than join the crowd in the mall.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day! to all my viewers, visitors, readers and friends of http://mothercares.blogspot.com

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Debt Help

Debt now adays is unavoidable especially if your husband is layoff from work. You know so many companies are closed due to present international economy crises. Despite of spending wisely and cost cutting, mothers is hardly meet all the increase prices of the stuffs needed in the house and other daily expenses and monthly bills. Credit cards are unpaid. Help please! that' s the cry of so many now adays. That is why, debthelp.net is a company created to help to those who have a several unpaid credit cards who does not know what to do. This site is intended for debt help how to handle their finances by the debt consolidation program . This is to organizes your debts into one to avoid you confusion in paying your monthly due payments. Single payment will ensure you to manage your finances in spending wisely and urges you to set aside for the monthly due payment of your debts . Debt is debt and you can not run away from it, so you have to pay as much as possible. The best way is to single out your debt now. Multiple credit cards is one cause of delinquent creditors, tendency to mismanage to pay their debts. Well.. there are more companies offering to consolidation program but you are not sure of their intension or capabilities , they might put you more into debt. So better deal only to Debt Help , you will never regret in your entire life because they will service you all the way from you accumulated debt up to medical debt. Nobody now does not know how expensive medical bills these time especially that sickness just came anytime unexpectedly .


All things are Possible

Almighty God, my Redeemer,
my Hiding Place, my Safe Refugee,
no other name like Jesus,
no power can stand against You.

My feet are planted on this rock,
and I will not be shaken,
my hope it comes from You alone,
my Lord and my Salvation.

Your praise is always on my lips,
Your Word is living in my heart,
and I will praise You with a new song,
my soul will bless You Lord.
You fill my life with greater joy,
Yes, I delight myself in You,
and I will praise You with a new song,
my soul will bless You Lord.

When I am weak You make me strong,
when I'm poor, I know I'm rich,
for in the power of Your name.
All things are possible,
all things are possible,
all things are possible
all things are possible!

A Christian song for today

Friday, February 6, 2009


My mother's eyeglass

Thanks! I have read an article about Zenni Optical in the New York Times . I am already 50 years old next year. It was 10 years ago i am wearing eyeglass already because i got poor vision at early adult hood . Eyeglasses is one reason that my budget breaks my savings intended for my children's tuition fees because i can't find cheap and quality eyeglass in the other opticals. Good for this articles learning that there are low cost frames available in zennioptical.com. I am so glad to know that prescription eyeglasses for only $8 . Well. so cheap eyeglasses, it is the right price for me, seeing straight without breaking bank. Mothers out there! buy your eyeglasses at zenni optical , varieties of styles to choose from .


A child are usually infected with 'parasites. A parents should be educated on how the parasites transmitted and prevent pinworm reinfection. . Parents or caregivers must avoid to give contaminated objects or toys near to his mouth. Parents should cut nails of their children because parasites egg

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Eye Contamination

If your eyes or kids, relatives contaminated with chemicals or any fine objects like hair or small flying objects, never squeeze the affected eyes but hold eyelid open with gentle stream of running water immediately. Never delay because chemicals or objects might cause further injury to the eyes. Then bring to the hospital or doctor if you think the object will not come out with the water or if causing pain .
Never use chemicals because it may injure more your eyes.

Always Take Good Care of your eyes because you have only two EYES!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Care For your toddler's wellness

One of the problem of a mother to her toddler (1-3 years of age) child is sometimes a toddler does not know how to tell that he feels ill. Well depending on their level of verbal ability but usually are not often to tell their parent what exactly they feel. Parents must therefore observed their children closely for any indication of abnormality. Since often no specific evidence of illness is apparent, parents must rely on their observation if the child's behavior has changed or the activity pattern of their toddler child has changed.Observed appearance if became looks pale or looks week and or loss his interest to play or talk. Then assume to ask what he feels or bring him to a doctor for consultation.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Paintball Gun Package

One popular past time of working and non-working mothers who stays at home is to play paintball regularly. This is good to enhance or maintains physical fitness and overall health that includes strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, and weight loss as well. So the players have the great collection of paintball gears and other paintball equipments.But mostly players now, prefer to purchase everything in one package like the Tippmann package . The Tippmann Platinum 98 Custom Paintball Gun Package offers $149,95 only. That is a discounted price. So cheap is it? All the equipments needed in the paintball game is available anytime you need because lots of stocks keep in their store. Tippmann accessories continually grows daily and they made sure that they have all the the most durable and latest gadget like the paintball grenades, vests, Tippmann X7, Tippmann 98 custom platinum and pistols. Many new sniper paintball guns have been added for the paintball sniper. The new BT Paintball Guns including the BT4 Delta Elite, BT4 Banshee, and BT TM7 is all now in stock and for sale adding to their milsim paintball supplies. For further information search pntball.com

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Mother's guidelines on Child's hearing care

At first month of age of a normal infant is already attentive to speech of others and response to each sound . At age of four months they fully develop auditory maturity and they seek sometimes a softer level of sounds. And at the age of 9 to 13 months old usually give an elicits response when called his name.

A mother must be observant on child's hearing too especially on the toddlers stage that a child is very active. And seek medical attention at once you noticed any of the following guidelines.
Is your child complained of ear pain?
Is there an excess ear wax from canal or any profuse, or scanty , odorous or odorless drainage?
Is there a foreign objects seen in the canal?
What do the ears look like and where are they positioned on the head?
Is it injured or any history of trauma?
Is there family of hearing loss?

Monday, January 19, 2009


Trussing Chicken

1. Tuck in the first joint of the wings behind the back
2. Wrap a length of kitchen twine around the end joint of the legs.
3.Cross the legs together to draw them as close to the body as possible.
4. Cross the twine on top
5. Pull the twine to bring the wings close to the body.
6. Tie the twine tightly.


Paintball Forum

Paintball games is now very popular not only in US but also in other countries. There are mothers out there who are fond of playing this game. It is a sport with players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint. Can be played either indoor or outdoor. For tournament, usually held in the gymnasium . Surely it is fun and can eliminate stress and depression. If you feel bored at home join now with the paintball forums it is very relaxing . There are also many players here and you may ask questions to them about the game They are very accommodating. And you can join the discussions in the paintball forum about paintball game and your chance also to meet other people who loves this game and eventually you will be a sport lover too. It enhance your social life and promotes physical and emotional wellness .Just search paintball-forum.com for further information.


a sport[1] in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a "paintball") usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas (HPA or N2) powered paintball gun (or marker).

Paintball draws a wide array of people, and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association estimates that over 5.4 million people played the game in the United States in 2007, with over 1.5 million playing at least 15 times that year.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Chance to look younger than your age

Since cosmetic surgery is very popular most women wanted to have a perfect body shape, perfect breast cup size or perfect face . They undergo surgeries to reconstruct or alter congenital or acquired defects to restore or improve the body's appearance perfectly as what they wanted to enhanced their beauty. Obviously, women who are beauty conscious and they undergo breast enhancement. If breast is enlarged and fully shaped they look sexy and seductive. Others undergo abdominoplasty for their abdomen to eleminate embarrasing look of their abdomen and many more other surgeries in any part of our body can be performed in
Advanced Aesthetic Associates performed surgical procedures by the expert plastic surgeons with the smart medical professionals in Phoenix, Scottsdale and the surrounding areas nearby. They are committed to provide each patients desires and render the best care until they were discharged home.

The facial rejuvenation is one cosmetic procedures they used to performed to increase and restore the appearance of a younger age to human face that includes to restores facial geometry and skin appearance of a teenager. They eliminates eyebags, lifts eyebrow and eyelids, remove aging skin and sagging face and many more repairs necessary to makes the patient looks younger.

For any procedures you desires , just call 480-PLSURG(752-7874) in their office and make consultation appointment with them.Or may visit their office or email them and there is representative from Advanced Aesthetic Associates to contact you back to help you
schedule a consultation and the doctor to see and check you soon.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Natural Face Moisturizer

Mashed one piece of ripe avocado and apply evenly on your face and neck. Leave it for 15 minutes then rinse.

To smoothen your skin, prepare oatmeal and 1/2 cup of hot water and cover leave for 5 -10 minutes. Then let it cool then mix 1/4 cup of honey until become pasty. Apply on your skin and leave for 10 minutes then rinse.Do it once a week

Prepare 1 tablespoon honey , 1 egg yolk and one teaspoon yogurt (straight from fridge) mix them all together and apply to your face. Leave it for 15 minutes then rinse with water. This will moisturizes your face .

Friday, January 9, 2009


Drug Rehabilitation

Alcoholism is rampant now a days that many of them is not seeking treatment but instead they keep on taking in alcohol. It is not an easy situation to the patient and his family to have a condition like this. The whole family's social life is affected and no peaceful moment within the house. For humanitarian reasons, Chapman House Drug Rehab is here offering the best professional medical intervention and other services for those individuals who are drug,alcohol or food addicts which they need for rehabilitation.

Chapman rehabilitation start medical intervention in drug detoxification . This is the process to cleans the whole system of their body of drug, alcohol and toxins that triggers a patient to manifest so many symptoms. This procedures performed by licensed physician and psychiatrist specialized in addictive medicine. Before and after detoxification and for their whole period of rehabilitation program, all patient closely watch by medical professionals and assistant practitioners are on duty 24 hours a day.

This is the Chapman House Rehab is highly recommended to to treat and rehab those afflicted with chemical dependency, dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorders with the highest quality of professional care. You can inquire from their website chapmanrehab.com This is a drug rehab that do not focus on patient's rehabilitation only but also offers family intervention, psychological testing, drug testing, addiction tests, and other services to help end addiction to enjoy a peaceful life

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hair Conditioner

So many hair conditioners in the market. But why not try to make by your self from your kitchen or from your garden ?
Just prepare 1/3 cup of olive oil and 3 tablespoon of honey . Mix them together and warm in a microwive or heat it in a small pan. Apply in your hair and leave for 30 minutes. Prepare 0ne cup of hot water and squeeze lemon juice or calamansi juice while waiting 30 minute . After 3o minutes, shampoo you hair and rinse then pour the cup of water with lemon juice as the final rinse of your hair.
This clears up residue on scalp and hair. This controls grease.