Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mother's Budget

As a mother, in charged of the family finances i must always be sure that my finances is properly manage every month. I have two kids studying in college, monthly bills plus the non stop daily expenses. Sometimes i am getting nervous if we are about to be short and i my kids needs allowance everyday and i have personal budget too. I just thank God that i never experienced emergency situation that needed a huge money. Supposedly, at least i have monthly savings for emergency cases. We can not predict what happen tomorrow so, we should be always ready for any emergency bills to avoid debt. Luckily, budget software is here to help us mothers like me. actually i learned a lot - I have to purchase the stuff in cash available and avoid to spend more than what i earned.


Rocky said...

mommy biro lang pero di bagay sayo nagbubudget :)) iho eto 5,000 para sa isang araw mo lang yan ha. magtipid ka mahirap lang tyo ehehe:))

Nanaybelen said...

Naku ang sarap naman yan 5ooo sa isang araw. LOL saan kaya ako makakuha ng kahit 500-1000 sa isang araw siguro ang saya ko na