Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eye Contamination

If your eyes or kids, relatives contaminated with chemicals or any fine objects like hair or small flying objects, never squeeze the affected eyes but hold eyelid open with gentle stream of running water immediately. Never delay because chemicals or objects might cause further injury to the eyes. Then bring to the hospital or doctor if you think the object will not come out with the water or if causing pain .
Never use chemicals because it may injure more your eyes.

Always Take Good Care of your eyes because you have only two EYES!


ipanks said...

yess i want to take my eyes because my eyes is my guardian to receive many information.thank you

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Very true, Nanaybelen. Kaya nga, ingat talaga ako sa mga activities ko. :)

iceah said...

true clean tap water helps c: also by blowing c: