Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eggs for breakfast

Egg is the most popular food in the morning for breakfast. For me, not only for breakfast but sometimes for dinner or lunch. There were times that i have no time to cook for our meal or sometimes, i don't have idea what food to cook for our lunch or dinner so i always end up to just fry or boil some EGGS. Very easy to prepare so i always keep it available in my kitchen. It is also cheap and it is a good source of high protein, vitamins and minerals and other more nutritional benefits. It provides a long lasting energy for the body.
Some adults believes that egg yolks is not advisable for them and some doctors advices patients to omit the eggyolks if they eat eggs because the yolk contains high cholesterol and may triggers their cholesterol level higher. But now there are studies that the huge Egg's nutritional benefits be heavier than a small cholesterol content of the egg yolks. So for those who have heart problem you can eat the whole eggs plus other nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables and reduces fatty foods , exercise and maintain a normal body weight . " If you don't eat the yolks, you will miss out on many of egg's nutritional benefits, so make the healthy choice and eat the whole egg.


The Lady in Green Ruffles said...

wow, base ba ko..

ANGGA CHEN said...

hello..nice blogand nice article..see u

MarlyMS said...

I love eggs :)

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siyetehan said...

di ko talaga hilig yung sunny side up.

basta ako laging scrambled eggs.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

i love eggs too =)
kahit anong luto

Rosa said...

interesting article. i love egg with eggplant. really taste good! can we xlink? let me know if you are interested. thanks

The Yothers said...

I love eggs and so my boys; they dont mind if I serve eggs everyday. This is a nice post. Thanks for visiting and leaving a nice comments about snake and my son :) Take care po!

Tess (life is beautiful)

Anonymous said...

favorite ko egg nay... kahit anung luto solve na ako dun :D. minsan kahit nag eexperimento din aku using eggs. hehe


Bogie said...

hello Nanaybelen thanks for dropping by my site today :)

By the way, I would like to invite you to join us on Sunday for a Yummy Sunday Post at Perfectly Blended. God bless you and I'll see you around!

Oh! I love the title of your blog.

Cecile said...

my husband loves eggs; he eats eggs every other day for breakfast before going to bed :-); he works at night kasi.

Keith said...

Nanay, when I was in a nutrition class back in 1991, I was told enough to believe that most cholesterol problems were caused by the body. I am not an expert, but even doctors themselves have said that eggs are not the cause of blood cholesterol rises. I will not fear an egg.

Thank you for the report