Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good father

I don't understand why there are mothers who could live away from their own children. But of course they have their own reasons behind. Sometimes due to some of their marital issues that made the mother to go away and leave their child to the father. Here in the Philippines, so many mothers are working overseas and there is no other way than to leave their children to the father. The father become the house husband.
As i monitors Michael life's story . I copied one paragraph from the news in the internet which made me pity and admires as well for MJ that he was a good father and loves all the children all over the world.
"The Breaking News : Debbie ROWE : Jackson not father of my kids
Speaking about her relationship with Michael - who died last Thursday (25.06.09) after a suspected cardiac arrest - she told journalist Rebecca White: "Michael was divorced, lonely and wanted children. I was the one who said to him, 'I will have your babies.' "
I am touched of Michael Jackson - He really love and wants children . I am sure he was just only misunderstood before. See! when the kids were growing, no one of us know that he worked to make sure for a good future of his children. At that early, he made already a testament for them. No doubts! he was a good father and person as well.


Anonymous said...

Michael is present within our heart. Love you Michael.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

seems like he is a good father kc hanggang sa huli di nya pinabayaan ang kanyang mga anak,