Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sexy lingerie for women and men..

Lingeries are women's undergarments .. on the other hand , these underware such as sexy lingerie are can also be worn to make a person more sexy. Items of underware commonly worn by women today includes sexy brassieres and sexy panties, while men wear brief, boxer shorts or boxer brief. Items worn by both women and men are bikini underware , thongs and G strings. Whatever the weather it is, men and women who loves sexy lingerie will not mind the weather, they feel more comfortable to wear sexy lingerie. Well, whatever other peoples say, they are nice for costumes and for fashion shows as well. Actually I don't have a sexy body but i wore sexy lingerie too during my honeymoon with my husband after the marriage. So nice.. LOL. (I am a shy person). I don't want to elaborate anymore. Heheh.
I envy those women with sexy body, they look more sexier with sexy lingerie and confident to show up with other people even in public places like in beaches or fashion shows. Everybody can wear sexy lingerie, slim fit and plus size are available.
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