Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dengue Fever Prevention at Home

There is an out break of Dengue Fever here in the Philippines. Over 62,000 reported and monitored cases all over the country since January 2011 up to the present. Children are afflicted most who are residing in flooded areas of Metro Manila and from provinces of Ilocos Sur, La Union , Cagayan, Isabela and some part of Mindanao and Visayas.

This is cause by a mosquito bites with aeges aegypti virus. It seems that there is a massive and contineous growth of mosquito killer now a days . Mosquitos loves to live in moist areas and stagnant water. As a mother at home and other members can do a thing to prevent or lessen the growth of mosquito killer. Just maintain cleanliness at home. Avoid stagnant water in and out of the house. Flower vases, plant plates and accumulation rain water unattended are the favorite places of mosquitoes to breed if do not change its water and clean everyday. Observe closely your children id they start fever. Increase fluid intake, bed rest and bring to doctor for check up or hospital for medical attention.
Prevention is better then cure.