Friday, May 23, 2008


Yesterday , we went to park (Luneta park) with my kids for a stroll and play badminton. The weather was nice and shiny and we don't expect that after several hours , the weather suddenly changed and became cloudy. We packed up when we saw clouds become darker and already rain showers dropped to us. This month of June is the start of rainny season here in the Philippines so we expect this abrupt changes of weather. This is the reason why so many are again afflicted with common colds. We went home slightly wet.
The following morning my son already complaining of sneezing and running nose. Oh!!!! he is starting common cold. COMMON COLD term used referring to the symptoms of Upper Respiratory Infection. The symptoms are nasal discharge and obstruction, sorethroat, sneezing, body weakness,feverish,chilliness and often headache and muscle pains. Due to sudden changed of temperature, it may lowers our resistance which then we are easily afflicted with common cold.This is easily transferable disease that is why i tried my daughter to keep away from him . And both of them increase their resistance by giving fruit juices to drink rich in Vitamin C and other nutritious foods. Warm gargles for sore throat.


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