Saturday, May 24, 2008

What to do during Earthquake

Believe it or not , tens of thousands of earthquake occur every year. Most of these are too weak to be felt by people. But some, like the one that hit China recently,strong enough to destroy properties and even kill thousands of people.
These are the tips.

If you are indoors
1.Take cover under a table
2.Stay away from glass. windows,doors and walls, which can all collapse.The same goes with lighting fixtures,which can fall on you
3.Stay inside.Research have shown that injuries happen when people inside building attemp to go outside
4.Do not use the elevator.

If you are outside
1.Move away from things that can fall on you-streetlamps,post, wiring and buildings
2.Cover yourself with your hands and crouch down. Most injuries outside will come from falling debris ,glass and falling objects