Friday, June 27, 2008


It's rainy season again. The sky is displaying lightning followed by huge rolling thunderstorm, usually in the evening if typhoon comes. Here are some tips to do :

  • stay inside the house and get away from windows
  • disconnect all electrical equiptment including the telephone
  • avoid using cellphones and digital camera
  • stay away from metal objets such as pipes and radiators
  • do not use spoon and fork if there is thundestorm
  • mirrors shoul be covered with any cloth

  • if you are outside, stay in a cave, or in a wood if you are nearby
  • do not take a shelter under a lone tree
  • keep away from ground and ridges
  • avoid very tall trees
  • avoid high points
  • bend down with the legs and body close keeping your feet together
  • or you may curl up into a ball or round wood or something round that not attractable by thunder
  • remove or get away from metal items like golf clubs spades and bicycles.


Mohd. Raza said...

hey nice post!
great suggestion are provided by you that a person dont need to pay heed on!!