Saturday, July 12, 2008


Breast feeding is advocated for many good reasons . It is sucking of an infant at the mother's breast to provide him with best nourishment. Breast-milk contains the complete nutrients as well as immunologic and anti-infection effect. Babies are still babies so they are delicate and prone to infection but studies shown that those who are breast -feed have higher resistance against infection than those who are bottle feed. Breast milk is always ready to feed at the right temperature, so it saves time for the mother from preparing minus from the other domestic chores. There are also babies are allergic to other commercial milk but for breast milk prevents chances of allergy and other gastrointestinal disturbances like diarrhea. It is also favorable to those mothers who are in the lower financial status that could not afford to buy very expensive milks now a days.
But there are instances are not able to breast feed despite of her belief that she need to . And some mothers are disallowed to breast feed due to presence of disease which is contraindicated for the baby. They should not have to feel that they are letting the baby down, formula milk has been made very similar to breast milk and there are many ways in which mother and baby can bond together.


arnie said...

um-attend ako ng breast feeding seminar ng DOH at may memo din sa hospital namin..


tapos, dami ko natutunan naalternative ways para magbreastfeed na breastmilk pa rin at parang breast pa rin ang gamit.