Wednesday, August 6, 2008


In Ben Gurion Airport Israel , 3 years old girl forgot by her parents. They were going for European tour with their 5 children but one daughter was left in the airport. The girl seen by an airport police crying for help while his parent and 4 other siblings were already 45 minutes on board and they only found out that one of their kid is left in the airport when the airlines staff informed them .
This couple with 5 children will go for a European tour carrying 18 suitcases. Because they were already late for their flight they had forgotten the 3 year old daughter in the airport.
(From yahoo news yesterday)


Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Nay Belen....

Hay naku...ang mga magulang ng batang eto eh negligent. Unfortunately, they're not the only ones. There was also a news about a toddler left at the airport by her parents and grandma. Papunta sila ng Canada. I think the reason was because of their luggages na nag over the limit.

Musta na po?


Mom of Four said...

Ano to, Home Alone movie? Hehehe..
I cannot speak for other parents, but I don't go out with all my children without my husband..He has 2 and I have 2 (summertime, he has all 4 and I have the 2 little ones)and I always stay behind them so I can see how many kids we have.
I cannot bear the thought of losing one of my kids.. I don't care for my luggage. We lost a luggage coming from South Korea, and we got it when we got to Chicago. Sometimes, they are so overwhelmed with so many things, baka tulala kakaplano kung saan mag sight seeing, hehehe..
Nice post..Stay cool..

Paulette said...

hihih parang home alone...

grabe naman yang parents nung bata.. yung ibang parents nga mawala lang sa hawak yung anak nila naghahanap na ng todo.