Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Like of what happen in Israel airport that a couple forgot their daughter at duty free.
I don't want to judge this parents . Although it is hard to understand them how come they have not noticed the absence of their child when they are already sitting freely in the aircraft.Why did she not try to have count down of their 5 children when they were already all sitting comfortably, while she had not forgotten their 18 suitcases.

So many children loss in the shopping centers, or in crowded places. As a mother if we bring our kids we must be aware that anything will happen.

Tips to avoid loss our kids in crowded places:

  • always give instruction to kids that don't depart from parent
  • make an improvised identification card of the child name, address, contact person and telephone number if in case of loss . Keep the card to childs pocket and child must know about it
  • instruct kids not to go out from mall or building but ask a help from guards or sales clercs and show to them his identification card if in case they are loss
  • as much as possible always holding hands with them
  • do not bring with you more than two kids if you are alone, at least 2 kids for one attendant


Danah said...

i always put a nametag in my daughter's pocket just to make sure because you'll never know.
by the way, keep in mind also that i never leave her in a single second by my side where i can hold her hand or see her beside me.

Danah said...

and some info in case of emergency....