Sunday, August 17, 2008


Cleaning Sutured wound at home must instruct parents , other members of the family or caregivers to:

  • Give pain reliever 30 minutes before start to clean the wound
  • clean and dry flat surface or table for the sterile equipment
  • Wash hands thoroughly before handling equipment for wound care
  • keep pets out of the area where setting up for and performing sterile procedures
  • keep all supplies needed ready before starting the procedure
  • handle all sterile supplies from the outside of the wrapper or the edges
  • do not touch the parts of the supplies that touches the wound
  • report to the attending physician for any increasing drainage from the wound, pain, redness, swelling, bleeding or gaping of the wound edges
  • clean with antiseptic solution starting from the wound to outside part of the wound
  • cover with sterile gauze if needed
  • proper disposal of wound cleaning materials