Thursday, August 14, 2008


ORAL HYGIENE FOR INFANTS- once the tooth erupt, it is already advisable to cleanse the mouth and tooth after each feeding. Wet wash cloth or cotton balls or small gauze and cleanse it to the mouth and tooth carefully.

ORAL HYGIENE FOR CHILDREN- at the 18th month of age, start brushing child's teeth with small, soft toothbrush. Do not use toothpaste but just only moistened with water. Toothpaste will introduce later and use one that contains fluoride.

ORAL HYGIENE FOR ELDERS - this is a problem to do oral care to elders especially if they are in stage of dementia because they are uncooperative. In hospital, they are referred to dentist for special oral care. Dryness of the oral mucosa is often noted to elders due to insufficient saliva production decreases with age. Promoting good oral hygiene in not only for comfort but has a positive effect on the elder's ability to eat.


twinks said...

very helpful tips..thanks sharing :] have a great weekend :]

Jemi said...

Oh my, my baby's got 2 teeth now and I have not cleaned her mouth/ teeth yet. I will start tonight .THanks for this info !