Friday, October 24, 2008

Chinese Milk products positive and negative for melamine

Bureau of Food and Drug have tested these products are positive for melamine

  • Jolly Cow Slender High Calcium Fat Milk
  • Greenfood Yili Fresh Milk
  • Mengniu Drink

The Following chinese milk products are tested and negative for melamine
  • Arla IIn stant White Milk Powder Milex 126
  • Baby Sucker Candy (Smart Plastyic manufaturing)
  • Baina Watch Milk Candy
  • Bainapie Coolmilk Bean
  • Barbie Milk Candy
  • Call and Tct Candy ( Smart Plastic Mfg.)
  • Chang's Chin Tai Chang Square Cookies
  • Chang Tai Food Lollipop Candy
  • Chaozhou-Zhancui Original butter Scotch Classic Candy
  • Cow's Head Skimmed Milk Powder (Spray dried process)
  • Dairy Cow Instantwhole Milk Powder
  • Dongguan HSU-CHI Orange Sandwich Cookies
  • Duke Choco Crunch Bar
  • Erco marsmallows (Dairy Milk Flavour Filling)
  • Galaxy Sweetened Milk Powder
  • H&Y (healthy and Young)
  • Jiayuan Shuang Le tong Candy
  • Jollycow Sterelized Milk
  • Khong Guan Marie Biscuit
  • Lotte Nidoo Skimmed milk Powder
  • MC Nation Confectionary Milky Beans Candy
  • Milk Land Milk Powder (Sweet Cream, Buttermilk Powder)
  • Orion "It's Now" Custard Cream Cake
  • Palma Commercial Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Permen Ancka Rasa Buah Candy Granules
  • Red Bull Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Sam's Super i Man Milk Candy
  • Strange Biscuit of Common Song / Guava Cookies
  • Sweetworld Almo milk Powder Bottle
  • The New Zoland Comapny Omilk Bonbon Yogurt Milk Soft Drops (Original Taste)
  • Tiwi Banana Split Chocolate
  • Vitasoy Malted Soya Bean Milk


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hay nag worry talaga ako when anmum was tested. dami ko pa namang nainom na. musta na nanay?

ok lang po ako...take care!

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hello po! i sent you an award. sana makuha niyo po1 :-)

Anonymous said...

hi. got here from bloghopping.

thanks for sharing this list. this gives me more reason to be a more discriminating consumer as i wrote in my post.