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It is recommended if choose only lean meats (chicken, turkey and non-fatty cuts of beef with excess fats trimmed.

It is not recommended are pork, bacon, sausage and other pork products; fatty foul
(duck, goose) skin and fat of turkey and chicken; processed meats, luncheon meats (salami bologna); frankfurters and fast foods humburgers (they're loaded with fats); organ meats (kidney, liver); canned fish packed in oil.

It is recommended if fresh and frozen should be broiled

It is not recommended are Shellfish like lobster shrimp , crabs, oysters. should be used sparingly

It is recommended- only egg whites and may consume freely. Egg yolk limit three per week

It is not recommended if egg yolks more than 3 per week

It is recommended: most vegetables are not limited. Dark green, yellow vegetables are recommended daily- boiled steamed, strained or braised with polyunsaturated vegetable oil
eat tree servings of fresh fruits per day. Be sure you have at least one citrus fruits. Frozen or canned fruits must not be frozen.

It is not recommended: avoid avocados and olives, starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn, lima beans, dried peas, beans) maybe used only if substituted for a serving of bread or cereal.
Coconuts are nut recommended

It is recommended; dried peas or beans( one serving= half cup may used as bread subtitute

It is not recommended; commercial baked beans with sugar or pork

it is recommended; pecan, walnuts and peanuts maybe used sparingly 1 serving =1 tablespoonful

It is not recommended: avoid nuts. limit pecans, walnuts and peanuts

It is recommended: One roll or one slice of whole grain or enriched bread may be used of three soda crackers or 4 pieces of melba toast as a substitute in preparing these foods, do not use butter or margarine.

It is not recommended : any baked goods with shortening and /or sugar. Commercial mixes with dried eggs and whole milk. Avoid sweet roll, doughnuts, and breakfast pastries

It is recommended: use half cup hot cereal or one fourth cup of cold cereal per day. Add sugar substitute if desired.

Recommended: always use skim milk products such as low fat cheeses, low fatty yugart and powdered skim milk

not recommended: whole milk and whole milk package goods; cream; ice cream whole milk puddings yogurt or cheeses; non dairy cream substitutes

Recommended: soft margarine and polyunsaturated vegetable oils derived from soybeans, sunflower. corn or sesame seeds

Not recommeded: butter saturated fats(olive , peanut, coconut oil)lard, solid margarine, commercial salad dressings, gravies, bacon drippings, cream sauces

Recommended: Limit to 2 servings per day, substitute each serving for a bread/ cereal; ice cream, water sherbet ( 1/4 cup); unflavored gelatin flavor with sugar substitute (1/3 cup); pudding prepared with skim milk (1/2 cup); un buttered popcorn

Not recommended: fried snacks foods like potato chips, chocolates, candies in general; jams jellies syrups whole milk puddings; ice creams. hydrogenerated peanut butter

Recommended: frsh fruit juices (limit 4 onz per day) black coffee, plain or herbalteas softdrinks with sugar substitute; club soda prferably salt free ; cocoa with skimmed milk or not fat dried milk and water. Alcohol limit to 2 serving per day

not recommended: sugared fruit juices and softdrinks; cocoa milk with whole milk and sugar. limit 2 serving of alcohol

Recommended; you may use freely vinegar , spices, herbs, non-fat bouillon, mustard, worcesrershire sauce, soy sauce, flavoring essence

Not recommended:

  • Remember that even non limited foods should be used in moderation
  • while on cholesterol lowering diet, be sure to avoid animal fats and marbled meats
  • while in triglycerides-lowering diet- be sure to avoid sweets and to control the amount of carbohydrates you eats ( starchy foods such as flour, breads , potatoes
  • consult your physician if you have question.

Credit to: Therapharma
I thank Dr. Nable Semilla (Diplomate Internal medicine) Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital for giving me this diet guide. He is my doctor when my cholesterol shot up to abnormal level. I found this diet guide very effective even when my doctor did not advised me to take anti-cholesterol anymore.


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