Saturday, November 1, 2008

Filipino traditional dish

Soups is a traditional practices of Filipino. This is originated in China. Filipinos acquire this tradition from Chinese brothers who migrated and residing here in the Philippines. This is serve after meal.
Soup stocks from chicken broth and beef stock are most often used to add flavor and enriches the food . very economical and easy to prepare.
A traditional Filipino dish is usually a meal -in- one dish containing , meat and vegetables in some broth with rice served in lunch or dinner. For breakfast - is fried rice and some anything fried either fried meat or fried fish. Served with cup of coffee, tea chocolate or milk, depends of your choice.
Filipino family eats together so all the dishes are served on the tables at once "family style" with a great deal of passing of plates.


Nebz said...

makisawsaw nga po sa soup nyo.

last friday i cooked sopas. my flatmates loved it kahit konti lang ang sahog (at kahit dinaan lang sa magic powder...hehe).

Everlito (ever) Villacruz said...

whos der.:


soup as a voice of an angel..(kanta sipol awit)..he he he.

napadaan lang po.
una nakong babati ng merry christmas!

pwede ko po kayo add sa blog list ko.salamat!

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