Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jim Piccolo

Long time back , I was working only five times a week and I was still single at that time so I have enough rest and extra time. My friend was a social worker and usually they have medical missions in rural areas. It was my day off so I curiously went with her. The institution brought only one doctor and one nurse only because that rural area have only few residents. Unexpectedly, people from other area came in for consultation and mostly are sick and tree persons came in just wounded and they need an emergency first aid. As a nurse I automatically helped and assist the doctor because patients are arriving and they were short of personnel. Fortunately all patients were attended before the the day ends. Pity to see people in rural areas where there is no doctor and medicines and they can't come down to the hospital due to financial problem. More people needs help. I am so amazed of CEO Jim Piccolo -co founder of Nouveau University. Together with The Frank Edward Piccolo foundation, Jim Piccolo teamed up with well known philantropists and celebrities to share what they have to help others who are less fortunate. It is really a touchy to know an ordinary person becomes wealthy by his own hardships and determination and now believes in "paying forward " his gift giving generously with his heart and wallet.
Jim Piccolo is not tired of sharing everything he had. He continously making Nouveau University as one tool of a student to fulfill their ambitions. His one strategy to make the university more successful, he appointed the best CEO university in the world - Dr. Laura Palmer Noone ,
Jim Piccolo believes on her because of her achievements when she was a President of University of Phoenix, the largest university in the world. And she is needed because The Nouveau University acquired Institute of Construction Management and Technology and now offering bachelors and masters degree on construction management. Ambitious students who have interest in construction industry, enroll now!