Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy family

A happy family stays together during things that interest them. They shared house hold chores, or usually female members helps the mother in the kitchen and males do the cleaning. They shared all the task and plays together, watch television together . They stored a good feelings to each other. Not only in times of problems but contineous communication to each other. They don't keep hard feeling after times of disagreements or fight over issues sometimes but they voice it out their bad feeling that ends to good relationship. They know how to express their felling to every members of the family , they appreciate, respect to every members of the family.


Sidney said...

That is indeed as it should be!

Ivana said...

It's not easy for everyone to show their love. Maybe that's why, it is so difficult to find the "Happy Family"..anyway,care 2 xchange links with my
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Anonymous said...

kapag meron kang masaya at buong pamilya, daig mo pa ang pinakamayamangtao s amundo. ;0

the_lost_blogger said...


i am thed of palawan.. uhm, i just want to share it with you... uhm, i am a child thAT is grow in a broken family. i am now staying at my father and my other siblings are on my mother. my mom and dad gets separated when i was in grade 1. and now i am already a 4th year high school and still waiting the day to have a happy family.i need a care of a mother though i have my father but i think a mothers care is dbest..uhm, well, gud luck to you Survivor mom.

hope for your response!!!

Ann said...

Masaya talaga kapag may happy family ka.