Sunday, November 9, 2008

Rights of Parents

Parents have many rights also. They have the right to be unique human beings, just to try their best for the children to become. Raising children is not easy but parents still very hopeful and let their children to live in real

Parents have the right to make mistake in caring for their children. No one of us learning a skill without committing errors . Skill in parenting is very complicated so even they did not perfectly cared their children still they did a good job.

Parents have the right to set their priorities for the whole family. Children tend to be very happy and secured if marriage of their parents is harmonious and stable.

Parents have the rights to establish limits on the behavior of children in their homes

Parents have the right to pursue their own goals and interest and to have fulfilling careers.It is not right that the whole life of the child is dictated by parents or consume their entire life to
the child. Let them grow and made their own decisions with your guidance and parents must not feel any guilt as long as you have rendered good cares to your children. And as parent's responsibility to develop the child into a responsible adult.