Friday, February 20, 2009

Selecting your Child's Toys

Choosing the right toys for your children should always depend on the age , personality , abilities. interest and environment as well as safety of your child. Usually toys in the market are labels for age and recommendation. Proper toys for a child will develops concept and motor development. But must have to be sure that it is safe and never cause danger to your child.
Toys should be :*
*no sharp edges to cut and pointed that can puncture your young child
*no small parts that can be swallowed and ingested like pellets from dolls and animals
*no excessive noise that can damage their sense of hearing.
*toys should be not painted with toxic materials. Paints with lead content is common now a days. It was in the news last year that there were toys were positive with lead materials.
*no electrical toys that can burn or shock your young kids
*for older children, they select their own toys and usually they choose electrical toys. They must be guided with parents or guardians and taught direction to use and the cautions.


ipanks said...

its been a while since i am not come to your are you?

rumah lina said...

I am agree with u, so many thing we must consider before buy toys for kids, especially for the issue toxic toys

Anonymous said...

And no purchase of gun toys.
We should keep in mind what type of toys we are gifting to children.

SEDONA said...

Yes.. people now-a-days jump into judgment if kids talk about guns.

andy said...

That's true always choose and select the toy for our child :D

Clarissa said...

one day,I saw my lil kid putting up something inside her nose and it's a small tiny parts of the toy and I panicked like hell!good thing it was removed from her.I'm now cautious about picking up toys of her age.
thanks for posting this!^_^