Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prom Dresses

I have two kids both passed high school proms , the junior and senior prom. The most awaiting event for highschool students. Traditionally, girls wear formal gowns or dresses. Specially graduating class who are about to go apart with their four years classmates. Here in the Philippines, prom is held usually when mid of February to March before the end of school year while other countries takes place on November and December. Dress shops start to change their displays from ordinary dresses to prom dresses when prom's month is approaching . Good to known this site specializing on prom dresses because Junior and senior proms never missed by high school students every year in Asia, Far East and Western countries or almost all over the world. When you browse their site you were amazed already on the first page because lots of designs and styles displayed to choose from. They sells also prom shoes perfectly suits to prom gowns.
You know? before i search their site i already shops at different department dress stores for formal dresses and gowns but unfortunately i found their displays and their available stocks are the same with the other stores and usually old same designs and styles. There was no new designs and very common old fashion style.. My teenage daughter is looking for something new design or style which is unique. Does not want a prom dress which the same style like her classmates during the occasion. This sites provides huge selections of different designs and style where you can find new fashionable designs you have never seen before. Their personnel are very accommodating if you ask questions and if you are looking for an specific designs or size . Their size is made by professional cutters and dressmakers and they know the sizes that fits perfectly. You can also choose prom dress from the best and latest top ten prom dresses which are very affordable and gorgeous. They accepts order online with free shipment and you will received at your door step on the expected date . They have also beautiful prom shoes looks elegant evening quality shoes. Their shoes are fashionable and durable. Durability is very important to avoid to be put to shame when hills accidentally detached in the mid of the occasion. Do you want to be put to shame? Of Course not! so mothers out there! Your daughter will surely be the most memorable event in her life by wearing prom shoes and dress. Search now , this site may also helps and provide prom advice too for your teenage daughter or the school to brings the best prom for the year 2009.
Sexy prom dresses and gown for homecoming, cocktail , pageant and formal dresses are available in This is a division of so expect an elegant , stylist gowns and dresses because these are creation of popular designers throughout America. These famous designers are Mori Lee, Jovani, Clarisse, Paris, Mauri Simone and Niteline So what more your looking for? They creates the best gowns in the world.


Stacey Tee said...

Woah prom dresses! Makes me miss my high school days (^_^)

Your daughters are so lucky that their mom is very supportive! You rock!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Oh yeah, it is February. It reminds me when I was in grade 5, we had an upcoming presentation and I needed a white shoes. We were so financially tight then. My mom used to sell jai-alai. ( I don't know if you know this stuff) I gave her my number and the following day, (yes, you got it) I won.
To make the story short, I was able to buy a new white shoes. :)
You are a great mom. :)

SEDONA said...

You are very supportive. Good for everyone..

andy said...

Nice school, really nice and good for your child. In my country nothing school like that. Very pity !

I already go to that site so nice drees.

Thx friend dor the info :D

(Game_Lover :

maxi said...

i love dresses and the prom dresses are just great! your post reminded me of my prom nights when I was still a whole lot younger.

have a great day!

by the way, we can exchange links if you like.

tuanh said...
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