Tuesday, November 10, 2009

100 % Cotton Bathrobes and Towel Wraps

Hello friends, Hows everybody? About Me ? i am struggling for my daily routines today. I have to finished them all because i am going to sort out the wardrobe of my children. There are so many old clothes , house dress, socks and many more other things like bags must to be removed from their cabinet or room. The room needs general cleaning while my kids are on semestral vacation. Old once must be disposed to make the room wide and cozy. While I was sorting them out, i have noticed their bath robe and bath towel are already too small for them. I think it shrank.. i have not mistaken, this was just only bought last two weeks ago. It should not be like this and it is somewhat sluggish already. It does not fit and does not look good to use anymore for my children.
I browsed my computer for bath robes , and towel wraps. I am so lucky to search PosyLane.com Wow!! it is a website about beautiful bathrobes. I will tell you one by one:
Terry bath robe is a one hundred percent cotton. You know? speaking of 100% cotton you don't need to think twice because it is good quality of fabric so it is perfect for bathrobe .It will never shrunk.
Waffle bath robe- yes mothers out there , this is only 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester so this is lighter than Terry but i am sure this will never decrease in size . It will stay in good shape forever.
Bath wrap- this is softer than terry cloth. It won't pull either . Colorfull wraps are there to choose from


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