Monday, November 9, 2009

Low back Pains

Low back pain is the most common complaint of those individuals who are getting older. Yehhh!! me too. I can't deny that. I already started manifestations of getting old. Low back pain and muscle pains. These may due to muscular and ligamentous strains of the joints and spine. These pains are usually chronic as time goes by and aging process. The treatment of these is purely symptomatic like for pain -take anti inflammatory and rest to relieved the pain. But for acute pain - don't ever hesitate to seek medical check up , you might need physical therapeutic modalities.
Well there are important consideration to prevent low back pains .We have to consider that treatment is correction of faulty posture so we have to follow these very simple instruction.
>correct body positions produces no strains upon muscles, joints, bones and ligaments
> the body should always in the proper alignment while lying, sitting, walking, exercising, standing and working