Monday, November 30, 2009

The best prom dresses and wedding dresses for 2010

Hello friends, mothers out there. How's everybody? I hope everything is fine. If you learned that your daughter's junior Senior prom is approaching, I am sure your are the first one who is happy and excited. You are happy because your little daughter is already an adolescence and its hard for you to believe.... time flies so fast. You are excited to see her in prom dress and you will be proud of her.
Prom is a formal dance gathering of third year and fourth year highschool students. Usually held before the end of the school year. They are required to wear a formal dress. Dining , dancing and choosing and crowning of King and Queen are the common activities of prom event. This is also an activities for socialization. They learned to behave like true ladies and gentlemen and enhanced their sense of confidence to deal with other people.
When i was in highschool i didn't attend the prom because i don't have a formal dress to wear and i was so shy because most of my school mates were the so called elites in our hometown. They are the children of the political leaders and businessmen in our town. My parents were just a farmer in a village two kilometers away from our school. The way they acts are like socialites and always dress in styles everytime there are social events in our school. I had the feeling of inferiority complex but i promised my self to study hard and work. I promised to myself that it will never be happened to my daughter to be in the future.
To make the story short, seven years ago, i stand by my promise to provide the best prom dress to my daughter and she was so thankful that i guided her to choose the best gown for her. I made it sure that the gowns suits to her styles and hair and make up. She looks lovely that night. She told me that her prom dress noticed by her highschool friends and said that she had the best gown and stylish. It is unique from their gowns.
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