Wednesday, December 2, 2009

23 more days to go...

Wow ! Christmas is very fast approaching. It is only 23 more days to go. I thank God, my house is already clean and able to put some Christmas decoration. My Christmas tree is already set up. It is simple but nice. I love it. This is for you Lord Jesus!
I am planning to go to mall on Saturday to shop for my gifts to my kids. We will have an exchange gift on the 24rth of this month. We always do this every year as part of the celebration and then eat together on the first hour of Christmas day.
Just only last night when we were having our dinner, my daughter told me that we will just only prepare salads and cakes only and avoid foods like foods for heavy big meal. I think this is a nice suggestion. We don't expect visitors and usually we only celebrates Christmas alone but happy and contented.