Monday, November 2, 2009

Oranges for me from my son

Hi friends, just this morning my son arrived from the province. He brought something 6 green oranges and said "Mommy ito lang ang dala ko para sa iyo sorry ha? "( "Mommy this is the only thing i brought for you ..sorry.") and handed to me the oranges in a small plastic bag.
I am so touched and said "Salamat anak. mas importante na nakadating kayong safe at salamat sa Diyos." (Thank you son.. it is more important that you arrived safe and thanks to God)
I am so lucky that i have a son who is so thoughtful and caring. I hope he won't changed.


kathy said...

Hi nanay belen! Indeed you are blessed with a sweet son, and you get the credit for it kasi you raised him right... Thanks for the visit....

words of my own said...

visiting here.. your son is sweet..