Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Online Games this Holiday Season

Hello friends . Christmas is fast approaching. My kids are now excited for the holiday. We always took this opportunity to bond and enjoy every year. Usually we celebrate Christmas the traditional one . We went to church in the morning together for Christmas Morning Service and went home together. Few days before the holiday we started shopping for our selves . I used to buy new outfit for myself and some stuffs for the house. Actually i shopped for new curtains and a new Christmas tree because my old Christmas tree is already broken so it can not be recycled anymore. First of all we clean generally our house . We fix everything and assemble everything we need before the holiday. We make it sure that we were not be in rush on the day of celebration. I am responsible for the needs in the kitchen , my daughter do the cleaning and my son responsible for the games they play with her sister. My two kids are really indulges to online games. Once they start sitting infront of the computer and start the games they forgot to eat, take bath, homework and sleep. I am getting angry but they won't mind, their reason is they just enjoying their holiday with online games. I think this is better than they go out with their friends and i can't see what they doing outside. Possibility into drugs, drink alcohol, smoking or maybe some illegal acts outside. So i am thankful that they love online games everytime they are free from their studies and I will let them enjoy all the games from this holiday. On GameHouse, you can find the hottest game releases and all of your favorite downloadable games and online games for both Windows and Mac. All your favorite games for your kids, parents, grandpas and for grandmas are available here including hidden object, puzzle, classic games and more are available. Take this opportunity for the whole family. Start now and Happy Holiday!!


marielle said...

Happy Friday! God Bless!