Saturday, December 19, 2009

I like the house...

Just while ago one of my neighbor told me that the house just beside my house is for sale. Since when the house was under construction i was aiming that one of these days i could buy that house. This house for sale has 3 bedroom with wider living room, kitchen and dining plus 3 toilet bath. It is impossible for me to be able to buy this house because it cost ten million pesos ($220,000 more or less) and i have only very small money which is good for our food stuff for only one month which i saved when i have a small store. My store is already down and not anymore earning for our daily expenses. My two kids are still going to school.I just thank on this blogosphere. at least i am earning although my monthly earning for the whole month is not enough but it is a big help to pay our monthly bills. And my savings is for the daily expenses in school and our food. Due to high prices of commodities i am sure my small savings will finished soon. I wish not.
I wish for more opportunities because at these moment i am only depending on online earning. I know that i am not a good writer but i am trying all my best to manage all my blogs to get some work. I am so thankful to all those advertisers who were patiently considering my blogs. God is so good to me. I've been through so many hardships and pains (emotional and physical by my husband)but with God's love i survived with patience and endurance) and i am still surviving my two kids alone.
I don't have someone to help me except the Lord eversince when my children was born. All my problems, worries , burdens i kept it to Him. I know God loves me and my children and never leave us. I always prayed to the Lord to give me peace of mind and happiness because i am always worrying of the future of my kids.. But With God's lOve they were okey and contented how much i cared and worked hard just to buy everything they want and need.I thank God for everything,i was too patience despite of all the pains and hardships for the sake of my children although it was really really so hard in my part specially when they were young when they were so young. I cared for them hands on at the same time managing my small store.
Now i am getting old, how i wished that i could buy the house so that i can rest from too much worrying and have peace of mind for the rest of my life.. I've been so sad for twenty years. My children were the only inspiration to work and live.
I am the luckiest if i could buy the house. I know it is impossible because i don't have millions... so just let me fantasize.LOL. There is no payment for aiming too high anyway...