Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Flower's mean

Sunflowers. Like the sun, sunflowers symbolize warmth, adoration and happiness.

Tulips. symbolizes love,

Carnation. Pink carnation, expresses gratitude while dark red carnation convey love and affection.

Stargazer lilies. means wealth and aspiration

Gerbera Daisies. means innocence and purity.


churvah said...

nice tips ha.

i like tulips..very elegant tingnan.

I Love Philippines! said...

ABC Bloglearner said

And the truth is, tulips are so expensive, especially in the US... well, i used to transact with US clients on flowery stuffs... but no one beats the calla lilly sa price..hehehe... i am not too attached or convinced by flowery gestures actually except if the flower is alive and planted..it's more beautiful for me and i appreviate it more, if flowers are not cut and put into commercial purposes.

...well, another opinion shared... just tick me up when you go t new posts . take care.

ABC Bloglearner