Tuesday, June 10, 2008


According to Professor George Haycock, scientific adviser to the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths(FSID). "A number of research studies have suggested that babies who are regularly given a pacifier when to put down to sleep, even for a nap, are less likely to die suddenly and unexpectedly than those who are not".

The advise from FSID is: if breastfeeding , do not begin to give pacifier until your baby is one month old. Don't worry if the pacifier falls out when your baby is asleep and don't ever force your baby to take a pacifier. And never coat the pacifier in anything sweet.




My son doesnt want pacifier. We´ve tried so many times but he vomit when we put pacifier. My doctor said its good, and my friends said its good too.

Anonymous said...

really...i am collecting tidbits so that i can be able to know better when i become a mom myself. :)

Prily said...

i don't know that having pacifier can be this advantageous...but i am sure it is not good for the babies' teeth!but, oh well, whatever soothes the baby is them most important.

faeryrowan said...

This is interesting information. My kids, when they were still babies, are fond of pacifiers. They could not sleep without it. I was worried because I don't want them to be dependent on it. When they were a year old, they themselves grew out of the pacifier and threw it away.