Tuesday, August 12, 2008


1.When cooking foods is with strong odors, close all doors of other rooms in the house and open the kitchen window to allow air to get inside and open the door to the outside for cross ventilation. Open back and front doors once in a while specially if windy for at least 5 to 10 minutes
2.Boil a little vinegar on the stove to eliminate unpleasant cooking odors. However cooking food with vinegar and garlic or combination of vinegar with other food does not help but instead it creates odor.
3.To keep raw fish fillets fresh and odorless in the refrigerator, rinse with lemon (freshly extract) dry thoroughly, wrap and refrigerate.
4.To remove garlic smell from your fingers, rub with cut ripe tomato.
5.A little vinegar added to the water in which cabbage or beets are boiled will help them keep their colors and cut down the cooking odors.
6.To gives the house a delicious smell, put an orange peelings on the oven racks when you preheat the oven. Take out the orange peeling if oven use for cooking and to avoid burnt that creating strong undesirable smell. Return the peeling as soon as turning off the oven and the remaining heat is just enough to bring out the the orangy smell.
7. Rub fish inside and out with slice of lemon to eliminate fishy odor.
8. Lighting up fireplace doesn't only give a warmth and glow to the house, it also provides a drafts which clears the air of cooking odor.


Shimumsy said...

thanks for all these tips. i need it especially if its winter time here. take care.

no one said...

i know i can use it..thanks nay for sharing this helpful tips of yours.keep on posting.