Saturday, August 9, 2008


August 8, 2008 -08/08/08 believed China an auspicious day and set the day of opening ceremony of 2008 Olympic Games. A thundering display of fireworks exploded over the "Bird's Nest" stadium in the shape of a blossoming red flower as China put the full glory of its rich history on display at the Olympic opening ceremony .
US President George W. Bush attended the ceremony in Beijing which included hundreds of kung fu fighters, dressed in matching white, opera singers and dancers.
Fireworks forming giants footprints also exploded at 29 points- representing the 29th Olympics.
Exactly 2,008 mucisians beat ancient Chinese drums called Fous in perfect timing to wecome athletes. and spectators to the games.
Children from different 56 ethnic groups walked a giant Chinese flag across the stadium before it was raised by soldiers on a flagpole, as a young girl in pigtail, singing a Hymn to My Country.


mary anne said...

i really had fun watching the opening ceremony with my boyfriend. it was greatly done! i wanna watch the replay again.

eunice said...

It's an awesome opening, n I just watched a replay telecast of the opening last night on TV. This Friday will be another repeat again! Yeah, saw Bush :D Many big shots were there!