Tuesday, September 23, 2008


fight stress and depression- because contains protein trytophan,turned into serotonin that contributes in relaxes the body and improves our moods. It also contain Vitamin B6, that regulates blood glucose levels .

Prevent Anemia-banana can regulates blood level because contain iron for the production of hemoglobin. Fit to combat anemia.

Reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke =eating one potassium filled banana daily may prevent high blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis because bananas contains low in fat, sodium and cholesterol which are the factors that lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Cancer of the kidney - a research published in January 2005 issue of the International Journal of Cancer found that eating 4-6 bananas a week can halves the risk of this disease.

Regulate vowel movement - bananas is fibrous can help normalize digestion and avoid constipation. Thus avoids from cancer formation

Protect eye sight - consuming three servings a day, the carotine content in bananas can lower our risk of age , related muscular degeneration and slows down the vision loss in older adults

Soothes irritated skin- Fresh banana fell (inside skin) helps to treat mosquito bites and warts by simply rub at the affected skin.


ipanks said...

i like to eat banana.in my grandpa's house there is banana and every month my grandpa send me one.

Tey said...

this is such an informative pos. Didn't know about this fact about banana
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pchi said...

oh, i learned something new today

I used to have problems wih bowel movement

but I think this article is right... it improved because of banana and avocado

i'm still anemic though..kulang kasi sa tulog... hehe

Cielo said...

This is a very informative post...i made my teen daughter ishi read this...

Cielo said...

This is a very informative post...i made my teen daughter ishi read this...

Amarnath said...

hai mom...i have added ur blog in my frnds lise ...add me tooo

URL : http://amarnath-r.blogspot.com

RJ said...

Banana is one of the fruits that I've been missing since I left Philippines! The taste of the best bananas in Au is nothing compared to what we have back home!

One thing more, Nay, kahit ba hindi masarap ang saging ganun pa rin epekto nito sa ating katawan?

Hahaha, naalala ko tuloy si Ms Elizabeth Ramsey, nabanggit nya dati sa Sharon Show na kumakain sya ng saging kasi source ito ng potassium.

amycheah said...

hey I love banana so much. Thanks for sharing such a good piece of information abt banana.