Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fight Dengue Fever

Every year, dengue fever claims the lives of thousands of people throughout the world, including the Philippines . Especially children, they are the most victims. Usually they are mosquito bitten in their house and some in the school.
Despite the anti dengue fever campaign , the public must not be relax and wait for the spread of the dreaded disease. It is public knowledge that there is no known cure or vaccine to fight the deadly dengue fever, which is transmitted by a bite of an infected female aedes aegypti whose favorite breeding grounds include empty bottles and cans and even flower vases. Eradicate those empty bottles and cans at once to avoid accumulation and became stagnant water to house mosquitoes and flower vases must have to change the water everyday
In urging the people to join the campaign against dengue fever. The government can not do it alone . This big battle against dengue needs the cooperation of each of every Filipino family. Let us clean our surroundings. It is imperative that should not relax in this fight, the public should remain vigilant
With the help of everybody, we can curb the spread of dengue and other diseases, which have the potential to claim the lives of more Filipinos, notably children and aged.